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Kathy - about cats

Posted by JudyS on 1/02/04 at 13:37 (141166)

Kathy - cats are wonderful. No matter their make, model or gender. And I only have one!

We've had several over the years and never a bad one. We've had male, female, white, gray, yellow, tabby - you name it. And we've adored them all.

Cats are easy. That's the secret. The only thing I've always been sure to do is adopt a young one then work at conditioning it to lots of cuddling (else why bother having one? :) )

We've never gotten too wound up about brands of food or litter - just picked what seemed to be reputable for the food and not too messy for the litter. And we always make sure they have their annual shots.
We've had them clawed and unclawed and we had a kitten declawed a number of years ago. He seemed to be fine once he healed. Our first one had no front claws (we got her that way) and she lived as an indoor AND outdoor cat for fifteen years. (All of our cats are indoor/outdoor) We tend not to worry about the humanity or lack thereof when considering claws - we have to try to balance our needs with that of the cat and our cats are adored and spoiled and live very good lives with us. The one we have right now has claws. He's been with us for a year or so. He owns the joint. He loves, loves, loves to cuddle and especially loves to cuddle all over my pillow right when I need it the most!

Re: For Judy and Julie re: a kitten

Kathy G on 1/03/04 at 09:36 (141220)

Thanks for the advice, Judy. I am definitely having second thoughts and something you said made it even clearer to me that I probably should forget the idea. Due to my allergies, I had thought that I would have to keep the cat out of my bedroom. When all is said and done, I know that I would be taking a big chance having a cat in the house and I'm pretty certain that my allergies haven't disappeared over time and I may be setting myself up for a fall. I don't want to become attached to a cat and then have to give it away.

I was heartbroken when my mother had our cat put to sleep. She had to do that because after discussing it with our vet, he recommended it. We had spoiled Smokey so much that he said he would never adjust to another family. He also had some health issues and he said few families would be willing to adopt him. I don't want to go through that again. Why bring on unnecessary pain? It would be unfair to me and to the kitten.

And I would like to take this opportunity to thank Julie for playing my Jiminy Cricket in all this! She gently made me realize what I knew all along. I knew that it was a crazy idea; I just needed someone to tell me! She, once again, displayed her wisdom and her common sense and I thank her for it!

Re: Oh, and one more thing, Julie,

Kathy G on 1/03/04 at 09:45 (141222)

you should have seen the relief on my husband's face when I told him I'd abandoned the idea! He didn't think it was wise but, bless him, he just didn't have the heart to tell me. Sometimes, I think because he feels badly for me because I have PF and arthritis and my life has changed so drastically, that he abandons his common sense in an effort to make me happy. I have to make sure he understands that I'm perfectly happy and just grateful that he makes it possible for me not to have to work. Not having a kitten isn't the end of the world!

Re: For Judy and Julie re: a kitten

Julie on 1/03/04 at 15:56 (141257)

I'm glad if what I said was helpful, Kathy. The wisdom is yours for making the decision: I just have a long, vivid memory of my own sad experiences with cats. I don't think one ever gets over that strong an allergic reaction, and it really isn't worth taking the risk, and not only because of the inevitable heartache. Once a response to an allergen takes hold (as I'm absolutely sure it would with me if I had a cat) it takes a long long time to grow de-sensitised again. In the meantime, you're more sensitive to everything you were ever sensitive to before, and probably new things as well. I'm sure you've made a wise decision, though it is sad that you've had to.