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About all this house organizing.....

Posted by Kathy G on 1/03/04 at 10:22 (141225)

I decided a couple of months ago that I was going to clean our cellar. Your lucky you don't have them in New Orleans, Carole, because they are a great place to stash things that you don't want to throw out but for which you have truly no use. I've been very slow at this and doing it a little at a time but I'm being ruthless. I approach it as if I were moving. If I see something that I wouldn't move to another house, into the trash it goes! If it's in good shape, I bring it to the Nearly New Shed at the transfer station so it can be put to good use.

We have a huge closet down there where I store my 'knick knacks' that I'm not currently displaying, among countless other things. This closet is just horrible. While searching for the box that contained the bowl I wanted to put out, I discovered that I had two, count them, two, trashbags of old towels and sheets in there! I always said I'd use them for dusters! If I live to be 105, I'll never need that many dusters! Out they are going, along with several 'knick knacks' that will never see the light of day in my house or my children's!

One unfortunate thing I've discovered is that two backrats beget two small backrats. I am trying to get my son to part with some of his Sports Illustrateds but no dice. He doesn't have any place to store them in his apartment and here they will stay. He's 29 and been getting the magazine since he was 8 and he's never thrown a single one away. That's a lot of magazines!

But listening to you all has been an inspiration and today before the football games begin, I shall venture into the dark netherworld and weed out some more junk! (As you all know, I'm a pro football fan, not college, and the season is drawing to a close. I just hate Sundays in February and March before it's nice enough to do anything outside and there's no football on!)

Re: About all this house organizing.....

Carole C in NOLA on 1/03/04 at 13:34 (141244)

Not only do we not have cellars here, but also (like a fool) I bought a house with no garage or shed, and a little short on closet space. I don't use the attic because I am scared to climb up the pull-down stairs by myself, for fear of falling (cluck, cluck! I'm such a chicken). With so little usable storage space, keeping the level of clutter down is a necessity for me.

If the task seems monumental, just remember that filling a few trashbags a week can make a real difference if you keep doing it. Just imagine how big your house will seem, too!

Carole C

Re: About all this house organizing.....

Julie on 1/03/04 at 15:47 (141256)

Kathy, your two trashbags of towels and sheets (would-be dusters) gave me a laugh! One of the reasons we have hardly ever, in 40 years, thrown a towel or a sheet away is that my husband, who is a painter, always needs a supply of rags to clean his brushes. So whenever we buy a new towel, or sheet, the old ones go into a box, or just to the back of a shelf, and they are future paint rags. During this Clearing Project I've unearthed at least two bags-worth just of old towels, and presented them to him with instructions to take them to his studio if he wanted them - and off they went. Not my problem any more. But I still have a whole boxful of old sheets that might be useful rags some day.

I love your criteria: 'I approach it as if I were moving. If I see something that I wouldn't move to another house, into the trash it goes!'. I shall be making use of it - thank you.

Re: About all this house organizing.....

Kathy in Ky on 1/03/04 at 23:02 (141287)

I think we all must be thinking along the same lines. I had been a little lazy over the Christmas break & let some things pile up around the house. Nothing like a call from our realtor at noon wanting to show the house at 6 pm to get me going! At least my PF held up thru the marathon cleaning session. For the rest of this year I'm going to try the Rule of 27 (donate or discard 27 items when doing deep cleaning) I'm sure I have that many items in my kitchen junk drawer!

Re: About all this house organizing.....

JudyS on 1/05/04 at 10:33 (141400)

Speaking of sheets/rags........
As I've mentioned we had a houseful of midwestern relatives over the holidays. Prior to that I was using a lot of sheets for dust covers while the remodeling was going on.
As I was readying bedrooms and beds for our guests, there was one particular set of sheets I couldn't find. Keeping in mind that a number of things had been transported to the garage for quick and temporary storage, I asked my husband if he'd seen any sheets in there.
Boy did his jaw drop.........
Those sheets were in the garage alright - so he thought they were old and cut them up to use as rags!