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Posted by jen on 1/03/04 at 15:56 (141258)

hi, well my casted foot is feeling so good im really tempted to walkon the cast!!. my roomate was cool and drew a stop sign shape and wrote 'NO STEP' across the toes area of cast to remind me. also she painted the toes a chrome silver, kind of attrative with my red cast!!.

well i got a wheelchair today. it is so much bettere then crutches and my leg is extended out in front on a pillow on the leg rest. i am doing toe curls etc.. and i undertand with 6 weeks like this im going to lose muscles. my dr did think i will have a cast more like 8 weeks at least but no weight for 6. so far isnt isnt itching or smelling so im happy im in this cast. sounds like some people get the cast off then end up back in it again for a second time?? is that common.

doe any one think i would benefit from getting the hammer toe fixed while im casted? or should i wait till im free of problems?
cheers :)

Re: wheelchair/crutches

R C on 1/04/04 at 05:21 (141305)

Your roommate is cool to be looking after you. Do as she wrotr and take no step before you are ready (or else the foot may just start to hurt again).

I've been through casting myself, and didn't have a problem with itching or smelling, so these are not inevitable problems.

Can't help with the hammer toe question.

The leg (esp. calf) will be noticeably thinner due to loss of muscle tissue. Your doc should prescribe physical therapy to fix that. If the therapist tells you to do an exercise that hurts or that may re-injure your foot (e.g., weight bearing stretches!), then say so and follow your judgment.

The nurse and physician assistant that casted my foot and helped me through my injury said repeatedly that those who try too early to walk in their cast had the least chances for success.

Let me presume to offer on other bit of advice. It may be easy to gain weight while casted and wheelchair bound. Of course, it is much easier to prevent the weight gain than to try to take excess pounds afterwards. Thus I recommend watching the calorie intake. This also helps with the PF in many cases, as less weight = lesss strain on weight-bearing structures.