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Posted by Shell D. on 1/04/04 at 11:12 (141328)

I'll try to make a very long story 'shorter.'
I've had PF for the past 5 years. Throughout the course of the 5 years, I've had physical therapy, numerous cortisone shots, three different type of shoe inserts, night splints, have seen 3 podiatrists, had PF surgery 2 1/2 years ago which at the time I didn't think was very helpful, had ESWT twice, (OssaTron) have taken numerous anti-inflammatories without relief. Here's the problem.....My feet are probably the worst they've ever been. Mainly the right foot, which I did NOT have the surgery on. Actually my left foot that I had the surgery on seems to be doing pretty good at the time, but the right foot is almost unbearable! The first time I had the ESWT done I had about 3-4 months of NO PAIN in either foot. Then it came back worse than ever. The second time I had ESWT done, I can't say that I've had any relief.
Here's my dilemma......I'm considering PF surgery in the right foot now. I have read all of the posts about the risks of PF sugery and how many people say NOT to do it, but I don't know what else to do. I really thing that's why my left foot is so much better than the right.

I'm looking for advice as far as what is the best treatment at this point. Any advice would be helpful.


Dr. Zuckerman on 1/04/04 at 12:33 (141332)

Please tell me more about your pain.

Do you limp and or have pain when you first get up in the morning or after sitting for any length of time and then walking?
Are there multiple areas of pain. Describe your areas of pain


Shell D. on 1/05/04 at 09:03 (141392)

The pain I'm having is mostly right in the center of my heel and sometimes around the outside of the heel. I no longer have any pain in the arch of my feet like I used to get. It used to always feel like the arches were ripping and then they would burn.

I DO have the pain when I get up in the morning or after sitting for any length of time too. I've always had that and it's never really gone away. Walking for even a few minutes is painful and I find myself walking more on the ball of my foot rather than the heel because of the pain, which I know is a bad habit to get into.

I'm a nurse, but I haven't worked since September, and I'm still having this much pain, I can't imagine how I could go back to being on my feet for 12 hours at a time without a 'miracle' happening to my feet.

Do people have any luck with the casting or wearing the surgical boot to try to heal the fascia? At this point, I'll try anything.

Thanks for your help....


Dr. Z on 1/06/04 at 12:08 (141479)


Have you had an mri study?


Shell D. on 1/06/04 at 18:48 (141502)

I have not had an MRI.

Actually I am now scheduled to have EPF surgery this Friday. I'm trying to read up on all I can about the surgery. 2 1/2 years ago I had surgery on the other foot. (Not the EPF, but the surgery with the longer incision)

Does an MRI show PF?

Re: I NEED ADVICE!!!!! Shell I had the surgery 8 weeks ago

Bud P on 1/06/04 at 19:58 (141511)

I had the surgery 8 weeks ago and I'm 90% better. I have continued to get better everyday. If you have tried everything and feel the surgery will work. Go for it. I waited a year longer than I should have. Like you I kept looking for another treatment but nothing ever worked. Now I'm happy I had the surgery.


Re: Bud, this is for you...

Shell D. on 1/07/04 at 08:47 (141550)

How soon after the surgery did you bear weight? Were you on crutches? Did you wear the surgical boot or the shoe?

I'm getting SO many different opinions on bearing weight that I'm really confused. My Dr says I can walk right away, but that just doesn't seem right to me. I think I will try to stay off of it as much as possible for at least the first two weeks.

Re: Bud, this is for you...for Shell

Bud P on 1/07/04 at 15:08 (141578)

I did walk out of the surgery center with a boot on and on crutches.The pain meds didn't where off until the next day. I was able to get the bathroom with ease. Day one and two were rather easy days,day three and four were the bad days. There was agood deal of surgery pain. I just stayed off of my foot and iced the hell out of it. On day seven I was able to walk with out the crutches but I had to keep the boot on and even drove myself to the doctor visit. By day ten they removed the stitches and I was able to walk short distances without the boot.

You should be able to get around well by two weeks. If you work on your feet I would suggest you take up to four weeks off. If you do too much you can screw the surgery up,then you're back to square one. If you have any questions feel free to ask. You can write me at (email removed) in the subject column who it is. Hope I helped.