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Qustion for Carole of NOLA

Posted by marie on 1/04/04 at 19:44 (141367)

My son is up for an internship for Chemical Engineering at the University of Lousiana. Do you know anything about that college?

I am hoping he gets this one. He is also up for an internship at the United States Government Nuclear Research Center in the Sandias Mountains. It would involve research in nuclear materials detection. I'm not to excited about this one. Something about the word nuclear and my son's name in the same sentence unnerves me a bit.

Re: Qustion for Carole of NOLA

Carole C in NOLA on 1/04/04 at 20:01 (141369)

Probably he means Louisiana State University. I was on the faculty there and it's a decent school. However I got my B.S. in electrical engineering at Texas A&M, and I felt that the engineering program at Texas A&M was far more rigorous and thorough than LSU from what I could tell.

LSU is Louisiana's 'flagship' university. We also have a number of 'Universities of Louisiana', such as 'University of Louisiana at Lafayette', but they are regional four year schools primarily serving the mid-sized towns in which they are located. They are of relatively moderate caliber but he would probably be the 'big frog in the small pond' and maybe that would be fun for him. They are bona fide universities, and as far as I know they are accredited and so on.

BUT - - - The job in the Sandias sounds like a dream come true for an engineer!!! Don't worry; I haven't heard of anyone getting fried at the Sandia lab. What an opportunity! If I were him, I'd be beating their door down. Just my opinion. lol

Carole C

Re: Qustion for Carole of NOLA

marie on 1/05/04 at 11:17 (141407)

Thanks Carole,

I thought he said the Univ. of Lousiana but I could be wrong about that.

Yes i know Sandias would be a great experience for him and I would never share my concerns about it with him. I know that whatever he does it'll be something wonderful....he works his butt off at school. I could never take the kinds of classes he does and get the grades he does. Physics, Qauntative Analysis...yikes I don't even know if I spelled that correctly.

Thanks again, marie

Re: Qustion for Carole of NOLA

John H on 1/05/04 at 15:55 (141429)

Your flagship university plays our flagship university in basketball this week Carole. Even though I graduated from Nebraska after 35 years in Arkansas I am a convert. Could be you may lose your coach (Saban) to the NFL from where he came. They could offer him from 3-5 mil a year.

Re: Qustion for Carole of NOLA

Carole C in NOLA on 1/05/04 at 16:32 (141433)

Our flagship university just knocked the socks off of Oklahoma football, last night in the Sugar Bowl.

Everybody's worried that Saban will leave, but he said on TV that he would not leave for anything. But everybody has a price.

Carole C

Re: Qustion for Carole of NOLA

marie on 1/06/04 at 10:36 (141474)

The internship is at LSU. I was wrong. Thanks for the info!