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To Quincy

Posted by Pauline on 1/05/04 at 08:42 (141390)

In your last post you were looking for other things to try as you PF goes away. One I forgot to mention that Scott talks about in his book is
Bromelain Capsules.

You purchase them at a health food store. Basicly made from pineapple extract they seem to act as an anti-inflammatory if taken on an empty stomach. Some of us have used them. I did because I was allergic to anti-inflammatory medication. Personally I though it helped me, but we all are different.

Before beginning any supplement you should check with your doctor to make sure it won't interfere with medications you may be already taking.

Additionally I would lay on the floor and make my husband play physical therapist. I think he wanted to play doctor, but I keep him in the role I had given him:* Basicly I would lay flat on my back, small pillow under my head and both legs out stright. Keeping one leg stright I would have him lift the other leg toward my head slowly keeping my knee straight until I could feel the stretch. I would tell him to stop, and he would hold it 3 to 4 seconds then release it. In the beginning we only did each side 3 times for each leg. We increased the number of repetitions and forward stretch as my body accepted more.

If your alone use a lage gage rope and simply pull your leg toward your face slowly keeping your knee stright. Like all stretches this one must be done slowly and with patience never forcing your body to give more than it's ready to give. I still continue to do this stretch daily.

Another one that seemed to help me was also learned at the physical therapy office. Same position on the floor. This time while one leg is straight cross the other over it, at the knee, putting the bottom of that foot flat on the floor. Have someone put one hand on the hip of the crossed leg and on the knee of the crossed leg. Gently, very gently have them push the knee down toward the floor while holding your hip in place. Your goal is to feel a stretch from the butt to the knee not to touch the floor with your knee so do this slowly and gently. Hold for 3 seconds and release. No extreme force is to be used. Remember speed and force are not the key to doing any PF stretches. Slow,and gentle on a daily basis are the key to achieving a good stretch and more flexibility. Increase repetitions only as your body is ready to accept more.

I also purchased and still use a double 'Pro-Stretch' Scott sells the single one I like the double and purchased it from a running magazine.

Make sure you hang on to something if you use the double one and again it's slow and gentle just till you feel a stretch then increase the backward rock as you increase in flexibility.

I also own and still use a slant board, same idea but without the rock. Out of the two pieces of equipment, I like the double 'pro-stretch' the best. I think the double is far more effective than the single because you can't cheat on the stretch. Both legs are doing it together and you feel it. Never over do this piece of equipment thinking you'll shoot for the max. You can seriously injure yourself if you stretch too far or too fast. You cannot hurry your body to stretch farther than it's prepared to do without causing injury and you certainly don't need that.

Just some new ideas for you if you haven't already gone this route.

Re: To Quincy

quincy on 1/07/04 at 09:16 (141558)