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Posted by Vern S. on 1/05/04 at 13:16 (141413)

Playing a lot of tennis likely contributed to my PF, achilles tendonitis, and Morton's neuroma. However, my feet now hurt more when I just sit as a desk for several days, then when I play some light doubles tennis.
Would appreciate any toughts on rest versus exercise, or other explanations.


BrianJ on 1/05/04 at 15:40 (141424)

Vern --

You raise an interesting point. I have had bilateral PF for six years, and have done considerable experimentation with my activity level. If I am a 'couch potato,' my feet feel stiff, and I get burning and aching pain in my heels. If I am very active (hard singles tennis, etc.), I have a LOT of pain that takes a couple of weeks to calm down. Thus, the best thing for me has been a modest activity level, consisting of walking on grass, bicycling, and occasional light doubles tennis (swimming would be great, but there's not a pool close). Taking Neurontin has helped decrease the burning pain when I'm at rest. Also, tightly taping my feet has helped me play a little more tennis without too much pain.


RACHAEL T. on 1/05/04 at 21:03 (141456)

Brian J -- I wonder if your description of your 'healing' thus far has been like this for a long time - or if you have just come to this state of your healing lately. I wonder....cause I find my PF is alot like yours now. I too have had bilateral PF for 3 years....at its onset & for the first year, I was quite unable to do ANYthing...now, though, I can do things - but if I don't do enough sometimes I ache & burn (but burn alot less with 10mg of nightly elavil) ~ & if I do too much, I am in pain & have swelling. I was hoping all of these symptoms would lessen w/ more time for more healing. But, is this a plateau that you've been at for some time? Thanks! I await your reply.


BrianJ on 1/05/04 at 22:39 (141461)

Hi Rachael --

Yes, I've been at this level for several years now. At first, I tried to totally rest my feet, hoping that would promote healing (didn't work). But once I started back to light activity, I noted that the burning decreased.

I still get a lot of pain when I stand in one place (even for a couple of minutes), or when I try to do too much.

Where specifically is your pain located?