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plantar fasciitis and neurontin

Posted by terryg on 1/05/04 at 20:26 (141453)

I have had plantar fasciitis for 6 months. I am in very bad pain and pretty disabled. I have tried therapy, anti-inflamatories (allergies to these), ice, tape, and stretching. I would say I am worse now than ever. My doctor just recommended Neurontin. I wanted to know if anyone else has had success with this? Thank you.

Re: plantar fasciitis and neurontin

BrianJ on 1/05/04 at 22:25 (141458)

Hi Terry --

I am not a doctor, but have (unfortunately) had about 6 years of experience with PF. Neurontin (400 mg 3 times per day) has helped reduce my pain, but is by no means a cure. Two other things that have worked for me are (1) hot water soaks, which temporarily relieve the pain, and (2) moderate exercise to get the circulation going, such as walking on grass, bicycling or swimming.

Keep trying different things, such as contrast baths, different orthotics, and different taping methods. There is bound to be something that will help.

Re: plantar fasciitis and neurontin

chrisb on 1/06/04 at 12:22 (141480)

Terry I don't know if this is any help but...
my doc recently suggested I try neurontin cream. He wasn't recommending it as a cure, but since I've tried everything else except surgery he thought I may as well try it. I've been smearing it on for over 2 weeks. My pain is very slightly better now than 2 weeks ago, but I can't be sure its because of the cream.
He had a pharmacy make up the cream. He hasn't suggested I take it orally.

Re: plantar fasciitis and neurontin

Shell D. on 1/06/04 at 18:51 (141503)

I currently take Neurontin 900 mg at bedtime for fibromyalgia. I have a HORRIBLE case of PF and I'm actually scheduled for surgery this week. The Neurontin hasn't done anything for my PF. Hopefully it will help you.

Re: plantar fasciitis and neurontin

Dr. Zuckerman on 1/06/04 at 18:55 (141505)

I have found the results very poor with pf releases in patients that have fibro. In some very very rare cases the pf is separate from the fibro and each is independent but this is rare.

Re: plantar fasciitis and neurontin

Pam S. on 1/06/04 at 23:19 (141533)

I also have fibro and take Neurontin for foot pain. 400mg only at nite. It has helped. I am interested to know the strength of the Neurontin cream you are using. I tried this once but I do not think the level of Neurontin was strong enough. Do you think it can be absorbed well thru the skin?

Shell, I am not sure when you are having surgery but good luck to you. It is challenging to have surgery if you have fibro but you sound like you are really at your wits end. I know exactly how that feels. I will truly pray you get results. Take care, Pam

Re: plantar fasciitis and neurontin

Micki Q on 2/03/04 at 19:44 (143583)

I have taken Neurontin 300 mg 3 or 4X a day the last one at night. It did help me sleep but never did a thing for the pain. I have been going to a local Chiropractor since Christmas and believe me I have not taken so much as an asprin as I do not have any pain now. I do still have some numbness in my arch in one foot and a couple of toes on the same foot - but no pain. I hope it is a 'fix'. I had a subluxation in my left hip and a shorter left leg and the manipulation plus accupressure point therapy has really helped. You might try that. I was tired of constantly increasing meds with not much help.
Good Luck.