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Remodel photos

Posted by JudyS on 1/06/04 at 21:50 (141526)

OK I think I've got it :)

At this link are some of my remodel photos. When it opens it'll ask for a guest password. The password is pf. After a few seconds it'll start a slide show.

It starts with walls being removed with the first half showing the completed living room area. The second half shows the kitchen redo and the last couple of photos show the result of both - what was several seperate rooms (formal living room, formal dining room, kitchen, etc.) is now a Great Room. Our living area is one flight up and the new deck has been built out over our garage roof. We did nothing to the existing fireplace/family room which is adjacent to the new Great Room and from which I took the great room photos.
I think the great room photos seem a little cluttered but it actually isn't - at least not too much! The square footage of the remodeled area(s) is about 800.


Re: Remodel photos

JudyS on 1/06/04 at 21:53 (141527)

Oops - I should mention that it's actually not all complete - we have yet to do all the trim around the windows/doors and baseboard. Plus, I had deliberately removed the soffit above the old kitchen cabinets and created a space where I will display some greenery and some antique thingys.

Re: NO password necessary it seems- just click on 'start slideshow'

JudyS on 1/06/04 at 21:54 (141528)


Re: NO password necessary it seems- just click on 'start slideshow'

Kathy G on 1/07/04 at 09:19 (141560)


Actually, when I clicked on your link, I clicked on the small picture that was displayed and it did ask for the password and then the slideshow just started.

It is absolutely beautiful! I love the French doors and the way that you've brought the outside in! All that great light and space! It's wonderful! And I don't think any room is cluttered. It looks like something I'd expect to see in a magazine.

How long did it take? Did you have an architect or did you and your contractor come up with the plans?

I applaud you for living with those conditions. It must have been trying but the results are well worth it!

Thanks for sharing!

Re: Remodel photos

Necee on 1/07/04 at 10:42 (141567)

I guess I'm doing something wrong.....I can't get anything to come up. I clicked on the thumbnail, and waited, nothing happened. Then I tried entering the password you gave, and it said that it was invalid.


Re: NO password necessary it seems- just click on 'start slideshow'

JudyS on 1/07/04 at 12:21 (141570)

Hi Kathy - well, it's all so new to us that my husband keeps calling it 'House Beautiful'! We were way overdue for some sprucing up. We made the decision to do this remodel as opposed to moving.
The plans were actually all mine. They've been worked and reworked in my head a million times in the last few years. My desire to have the openness plus, as you say, bringing the outside in, was the basis for the design - that and the fact that we had a living room and a dining room that we seldom used. And I knew that none of those was was weight-bearing. Every inch of the kitchen was designed by me also to meet three needs, one, cost, two, prettiness, and, three, ease and effectiveness for cooking.
So, for starters, I did not order custom-made cabinets but rather ordered the cabinets from Thomasville through Lowes. Also, I bucked a trend and did not go with solid-surface countertops. I never saw any that I liked much and I did that also because I wanted oak edging on the countertop. For 'prettiness' I added the glass-doored cabinet which, along with the base cabinet below it, is bumped out three inches. On order are some corbels which will extend from the bottom of the glass cabinet to the surface of the countertop and will succeed in making the area look like a built-in hutch. I also bumped out the sink cabinet because I got SO sick of trying to clean that narrow area between the back of the sink and the backsplash! And I got my contractor to install the new kitchen window in an extended framework so that I'll have a REAL window sill!
The island is completely designed to accomodate the way I cook. I put the cooktop there because I never liked facing a wall while I cooked. It is five burners for big events but also so that I can just slide a hot pan off a hot burner and not worry about finding a trivet. Under the cooktop is a 36-inch wide drawer for all cooking utensils - I also got sick of searching three or more drawers for utensils! Under that is a base cabinet with pull-out shelves which hold my cookware - each piece with it's own lid on it! Hurray!
To the cooktop's left is another big drawer which holds all my baking utensils and under that is another pull-out type cabinet which holds all my baking goods - flour, etc. Next to that cabinet is a lazy-susan cabinet which holds all my baking pans.
The point being that everything is within arms' reach and I just love that. It was also very important to me to have all that island work surface because I tend to spread things out a bunch when I'm cooking and especially when I make bread. And there is a 15-inch wide cabinet to the right of the cooktop that houses a trash can.
A little extra touch is that each of the three new lazy-susan cabinets is set up for a left-hander......me! They all open from the left to the right so I open them with my right hand and can reach in with my left.
The 'fridge is what is called a 'counter-depth' fridge. They are not easy to find but I did find that three companies make them. It doesn't extend out from the counter as far as most.
You've guessed it - the whole thing was designed for quick access to the outside and for sort of a flow from the front french doors to the rear sliders. We'd actually started in the back yard last summer but put that on hold to do the inside. The contractors really needed the back area for their trucks and for hauling things in and out. Once we go back to working on the yard's renovation, trucks won't be able to drive through there anymore.

Re: Remodel photos

Dorothy on 1/07/04 at 15:26 (141580)

Oh, Judy, it is beautiful. You did a marvelous job of envisioning and then executing the vision - and that is tough! It is really lovely.
Your photos of it are so good, too. Like others, I love the French doors across that expanse - gorgeous.
(Noted that you have a Hoosier cabinet that looks very much like ours.)

Nothing else to say about your new quarters - beautiful.

Re: Remodel photos

marie on 1/07/04 at 16:20 (141581)

NICE JOB!!!!! I love the view. Your kitchen and great room looks so nice and airy now. Very nice.


Re: Remodel photos

Suzanne D. on 1/07/04 at 16:25 (141582)

Judy, those pictures are just beautiful! I am impressed with what you have created in your home. How proud you must be of your accomplishments.

Interestingly, I couldn't see the pictures from home last night. A little box came up which said 'blocked' each time I clicked on your link. I ate lunch in my room at school today and enjoyed touring your house while I ate!

Suzanne :)

Re: Remodel photos

JudyS on 1/07/04 at 16:55 (141584)

Thanks Dorothy - yep you guessed it - it's a real Hoosier. I'll never part with it! You might also notice a white cabinet situated under the far window. It has glass doors - those doors are actually antique windows. Some guy in SD scouts out old windows then builds cabinets around them - the result being one-of-a-kind cabinets. I found a country-furniture store that has exclusivity on them. Anyway, that new/old cabinet has become as favorite to me as the Hoosier is.

Re: Remodel photos

Carole C in NOLA on 1/07/04 at 17:27 (141586)

Judy, it is beautiful! I LOVE the French doors. Your new kitchen looks very inviting, too.

Carole C

Re: Remodel photos

Carole C in NOLA on 1/07/04 at 17:30 (141587)

Necee, the password worked for me. Maybe it would work for you now. (?)

Carole C

Re: Remodel photos

Lari S. on 1/07/04 at 19:47 (141596)

Judy, what a beautiful home! Having remodeled our house from concept, doing all the work except the kit cabinets (which I designed) and the carpet, I can really appreciate what you have gone through to get there. I remember when we finished I would just stand and stare. I was so used to living in small, dark caves for 15 years, and suddenly (1 year!) I had light and space. I'm sure you are loving it now that it is truly 'yours'.

Re: Remodel photos

Sher A on 1/10/04 at 17:40 (141791)

Judy, it's just beautiful! I especially like the scenery outside your french doors, like that sunrise and the deck and the trees Where do you live that you have such a lovely view? All we see here is either the next row of townhouses or our neighbors' backyards. When we moved here we had beautiful woods back there, now it's just another bunch of houses. Your place looks inviting and comfortable, it's got to be wonderful living there! A bigger kitchen is one of my requirements on the next house. Like I just got one of those new Kitchen Aid mixers which took up my last remaining surface space. Houses that were built in the 60's and 70's were so much smaller, like we didn't have computers, microwaves, Kitchen Aids, very many clothes LOL.. If we weren't planning to leave the area in a couple years, we too would be doing a lot of remodeling!