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Recommendations on Doctors in Ann Arbor/Detroit

Posted by Lynn B on 1/07/04 at 09:16 (141559)

I'm wondering if anyone here has a recommendation for a doctor in Ann Arbor or the Detroit area who can effectively treat complex and multiple foot problems. I'm particularly interested in a doctor who takes a more holistic/complementary approach to medicine, and won't automatically jump to surgery.

I'll try to keep this brief, but here's a little about my situation. I had neuroma surgery on both feet about 6 years ago. Since then, I've had a number of foot problems -- PF, TTS, achilles tendon difficulties, etc. My current podiatrist says that the problems are not related to the surgery, but to the 'type' of foot I have. Recently, I've had neuroma-type pain again in my right foot, which an MRI showed to be either a stump neuroma, regrowth of a neuroma...or potentially scar tissue. I'm very wary of ever having foot surgery again, as I don't seem to heal well and had a very prolonged healing process from the last surgery. I had several cortisone injections, to no avail...and have tried both rigid and softer orthotics to try to improve the biomechanics of my feet. However, the orthotics tend to irritate the symptoms in my left foot, which have been diagnosed as TTS. However, it doesn't seem to be the typical TTS I read about on this board. I get numbness and tingling, but I also get the feeling that my foot is swollen. I also experience 'shocks of cold,' in my left foot, which may be due to the fact that I also have Raynauds.

Anyway, sorry to ramble. Like most of you, I'm frustrated by these ongoing symptoms, annoyed at how my physcial activity has been restricted, and tired of going from doctor to doctor.

So, any suggestions for a GOOD local doctor would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Re: Recommendations on Doctors in Ann Arbor/Detroit

marie on 1/07/04 at 18:05 (141592)

Sorry I don't have any suggestions for a foot doctor. The University of Michigan Medical center is very good. Perhaps you could get a rec. from someone there. I was very happy with their neurology dept.

Not to far from Ann Arbor....marie

Re: Recommendations on Doctors in Ann Arbor/Detroit

marie on 1/07/04 at 18:09 (141593)


Try this link to locate a doc in your area.

Re: Recommendations on Doctors in Ann Arbor/Detroit

Pauline on 1/08/04 at 11:39 (141632)

If you are looking for an Orthopedic M.D. Dr. Arthur Manoli M.D.
(248) 858-7663 is an Orthopedic Physician who's speciality is Foot and Ankle is located in Pontiac Michigan. Dr. Manoli is more or less the guru in the Detroit area. He has posted on this web site.

There are two Orthopedic physicians at U. of M. medical center that also specialize in foot and ankle problems. They are Dr. John Holmes M.D. and also Dr. John Femino M.D. (734) 936-5780.

Usually a physician's referral is required to make an appointment with either of them. This can be done by your current doctor or your primary care doctor and they will send you the form that needs to be filled out.

Sometimes if you call and have the physicians names you can ask to speak to their secretaries. These are wonderful folks who can sometimes 'adjust' requirements. My suggestion, if you want to see one of these doctors, is to call and ask to speak to either's secretary. Tell them your story and go from there. Often times they will clear your way for an appointment without the necessary referral unless your insurance requires it of course.

If your looking for a Podiatrist the site that Marie posted will surely give you doctors names as well.

Hope this information helps. Good luck.

Re: Recommendations on Doctors in Ann Arbor/Detroit

Lynn B on 1/09/04 at 10:21 (141682)

Pauline and Marie

Thank you both for your recommendations. I will check them out.