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3 weeks post-op TTS surgery

Posted by Tammy on 1/07/04 at 20:52 (141600)

I have had heel and foot pain for 11 years. I have had 3 surgeries on my left foot for Morton's Neuroma, and just had the 4th surgery on my left foot for plantar fascitis and tarsal tunnel. Needless to say, I am exhausted and depressed. 11 years of suffering and now my recovery is not going as I had hoped. I had my sutures removed last wednesday and my doctor told me to put my regular shoes on in a week and walk. WOW! I was so excited. 3 weeks in a wheelchair and now I can finally walk. BUT he didn't mention it would hurt so bad. My heel still hurts but in a different way. If anyone out there has experienced this, HELP!! Please tell me the pain will go away!!! I know I just started walking again yesterday, but I hurt so bad I can't do my daily chores and take care of my family. Please, Someone, HELP! I need words of encouragement.

Re: 3 weeks post-op TTS surgery

BrianJ on 1/07/04 at 21:55 (141604)

Tammy --

I too have had several surgeries on my feet. Although it's difficult to avoid, it simply makes no sense to evaluate the success or failure of your surgery at this point. It will be months before you really know anything. I can't promise your surgery will be a success, but I'm confident your surgical pain will gradually subside. The body's capacity to heal is remarkable. Please keep us informed as you progress.

Re: 3 weeks post-op TTS surgery

Julie on 1/08/04 at 01:27 (141609)

Tammy, I wouldn't like to question what your doctor has told you, but three weeks post-op seems a bit soon to be weightbearing, especially as your pain is so intense. Why not have a talk with him about this?

Re: 3 weeks post-op TTS surgery

chris on 1/08/04 at 08:25 (141613)

I had pf and tts surgery in Nov '00. I had surgery on 11/9. On 11/22 suters were removed and I graduated from non-weight bearing to a boot cast. I returned to work on 12/4. In all honesty I could have returned a week sooner, but choose not to. I probably wore the boot cast a week or less and then wore sneakers for at least a month or longer.

I has some scar tissue and continued pain and was referred to PT for about 6 weeks where they made me work the foot real hard and iced it. They were mean to me LOL (not really a very good friend of mine was the person working with me)

I want to say that it was close to 6 months before I was completely pain free and I am happy to say that I remain pain free today.'

I would suggest you do as Julie said, talk with your doctor.

Re: 3 weeks post-op TTS surgery

Linda on 1/10/04 at 11:45 (141780)


I had tts/fascia release done on both feet. One on 12/01,and the other 3/02,and i am still in pain 24/7. I felt good for maybe a month after surgery,but then the pain came back full force.
I was told of the chances it wouldn't work,but like you i had the pain for years,and wanted some sort of relief.
good luck,and i hope you do have success

Re: 3 weeks post-op TTS surgery

jennifer s on 1/10/04 at 19:55 (141804)

I had the tss/pf surgery on 12/31/03 and my Dr. had me bearing weight after 5 days and my foot feels great. My Surgeon said that the longer you wait to put weight on it the more stiff and weak the foot is. I can honestly say I have NO pain at all. My tts/pf was so bad I was nearly in a wheelchair and had limited my working to about 15 hours a week. I hope this is the cure!! Good Luck!