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2 days using the Yogas stretches and already feeling a difference

Posted by Jamie on 1/08/04 at 10:02 (141621)

Please allow myself to introduce.... myself (Austin Powers)

Anyways, my name is Jamie. I have been lurking here for awhile but not rally posting at all. Just doing alot of research. I of course have PF. It has affected me so badly. I am a competitive athlete and bodybuilder. I have been training very extensively the past 2 year sin preparation for a pro football combine i am attending this summer where i hope to catch on with either an arena football or NFL team. Recently i had tremendous pain in my heel. My father told me it was probably a heel spur and to just run through it. Of course that wasnt a good idea. I have a very flat foot and require arch support. Finally when the pain got so bad that i couldnt even run i went to the foot doctor in which case she prescribed orthotics. I have been wearing my orthotice regularly for about 2 months now and it has helped but i have a long way to go. Just recently i got her to prescribe me a good night splint(which im hoping insurance decides to pay for). Then i found Julies yoga exercises and i have been putting off giving them a try until the day before yesterday. I hit an all time low Tuesday evening when i tried to sprint a basic 40 yard dash and couldnt even make it half way because the pain was so severe. I just stood on the field and cried to myself for about 20 minutes because speed is everything to me and without speed my entire future plans are at risk. Tuesday even i decided to give those yoga stretches a try and see what happens. After just one session of that i felt a small relief i had not felt in a long time. Yesterday i did these stretches about 7 different times and really feel they may be helping. I have also just started icing my heel nightly. I am gonna try to build this speed back up slowly but surely. I think i was alos doing some things in the gym that was hurting myself even further like very heavy calf raises with about 200-300 pounds for added resistance. I noticed after ever set of calf raises i did i could feel that PF pulling more and more. When i was done i could barely walk. That was very stupid. I am laying off the calf raises for awhile and will eventually just done standing raises with no weight so i wont reinjure myself. Anyways, this is my story and i just wanted to give props to Julie for those great stretches she has provided for us. I really feel like thses stretches are a necessity. I cant wait to see how my heel feels after about a month of doing these stretches combined with consistent ice therapy, a night splint, and my orthotics. Thank you everyone for all your informative posts and hopefully we can all over come these problems and reach whatever goals we may have.

'Stay strong mentally and physically, and remain passionately committed
to your hearts chosen path.'---Unknown author

Re: 2 days using the Yogas stretches and already feeling a difference

john h on 1/08/04 at 11:08 (141631)

Jamie it seems like every year I see an NFL plyer (usually a down lineman tear his plantar fascia). Strange thing they always say he will miss 3-4 games. I never follow up to see how these guys recover so I do not know how fast they do get back. One of the worst things you can do is push off on your feet like pushing a car which is what the down lineman do day in and day out. Good luck. Seems to you will need some major taping, precise fitting shoes with little or no slippage and a good orthotic for openers.

Re: 2 days using the Yogas stretches and already feeling a difference

Dorothy on 1/08/04 at 11:42 (141633)

You might want to give the foot trainers (www.foottrainers.com) a try. They are a very useful - and not often enough mentioned here - tool for PF and Achilles tendonitis. Highly recommend but the website will give you more info. I have no personal interest in that company whatsoever; I just use the FT and when I do, I am so much better and when I don't, I regress - and that is the case even though I do a yoga practice. Seems like I'd learn the obvious lesson, doesn't it. Those stretches you mention and other yoga moves and stretches as well can be very helpful, as you have found, and the fact that yoga is an ancient practice says a lot for its health benefits, but as many people have found, this PF and Achilles tendonitis and related foot disorders seems to have a kind of life of its own. It seems that the Foot Trainers are designed to address some of that PF particularity to actually lead to healing. There are so many things recommended here that are useful, including the yoga stretches you mention, but I just want to encourage you to give a look and consideration to the FTs. Mr. Wilmot, the 'inventor' of the FT posts here occasionally and is very good about answering questions if you have any.

Re: 2 days using the Yogas stretches and already feeling a difference

Julie on 1/08/04 at 11:56 (141638)

Hello Jamie. I'm so glad the yoga foot exercises are helping you. Thanks for telling me. Dorothy is right: the Foot Trainer is an excellent aid too, and you would certainly do well to try it.

Re: 2 days using the Yogas stretches and already feeling a difference

Kathy G on 1/09/04 at 11:48 (141688)


My son's PF acts up only when he has to reach for a shot (he's the tennis pro) or if he pushes off, he told me. I don't know how those players bounce back, either.

But, it does seem to be universal, that's just not a good thing to do with PF.

And yes, he, too, does Julie's stretches as do the people at his club who have PF. Julie, you are becoming famous!

Re: 2 days using the Yogas stretches and already feeling a difference

Rick R on 1/09/04 at 13:39 (141704)

During a preseason game this past fall John Madden commented on a player reported to have PF. He said something to the effect of 'that usually takes a good year to get rid of' Me thinks Mr. Madden has a better handle on the situation than a couple of doctors I visited.


Re: 2 days using the Yogas stretches and already feeling a difference

Kathy G on 1/09/04 at 18:01 (141728)

Amen to that, Rick! They should listen to him about concussions, too!

Re: 2 days using the Yogas stretches and already feeling a difference

Jamie on 1/12/04 at 11:16 (141875)

Thank you everyone for your advice and help. I just ordered the foot tariners thursday evening. Mr Willot was a very nice guy to speak with on the telephone and very helpful. Its nice to speak with someone over the telephone who has suffered the same problems i have. Thank you for giving me the idea of the foot trainer. Julies yoga stretches are still working great. I can even do them while im at work. Im feeling a little more relief every couple days. I am staying away from heavy calf raises in the gym also so i m sure thats helping too. Thanks everyone for your help. Gotta get back to work.Later.