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MSM Tired Of the Pain

Posted by Michael K on 1/08/04 at 22:44 (141664)

I started MSM I am dam tired of the pain. Michael

Re: MSM Tired Of the Pain

Kathy G on 1/09/04 at 11:54 (141690)


I hope it helps you. I thought it brought about dramatic results after taking it for about four weeks but I haven't seen the relief continue. But I have arthritic complications so hopefully you'll get some relief from your pain. I started taking 1,000 mgs. daily and upped it to twice a day.

I think you've discussed it but have you been to a doctor for pain management?

Re: MSM Tired Of the Pain

Michael K on 1/09/04 at 11:57 (141692)

Hello Kathy how bad is your pain?? To your question yes I have been seeing a doctor for pain management. Thanks, Michael

Re: MSM Tired Of the Pain

marie on 1/09/04 at 19:30 (141740)


Sounds like you have had it with pain. Here are some other things that I take that may help with your pain. Vitamin C, Glucosamine and Magnesium. Are you on any other medications?

Re: MSM Tired Of the Pain

rsk on 1/10/04 at 02:06 (141761)

Hi Group

I have ben reading quite a bit abt this MSM in this board. I have not tried it myself but from the posts it looks like to gives good releif. I spoke to my doc abt MSM and she said that since i ma taking glucosmine , MSM may not be required. Can someone pls tell me if these two are for the same purpose or one can take both.


Re: MSM Tired Of the Pain

Kathy L on 1/11/04 at 12:06 (141820)

I've purchased bottles at Walmart where both are combined. I think they complement each other.