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Diabetes News Item

Posted by Dorothy on 1/09/04 at 15:16 (141714)

January 6, 2004 -- Jittery java junkies may be doing something good for their bodies - drinking lots of coffee seems to prevent diabetes, a new Harvard study says.
Downing six cups or more of coffee each day cuts a man's risk of developing diabetes in half.

In women, drinking lots of joe cuts the risk of diabetes by 30 percent.

'This is good news for coffee drinkers,' said Frank Hu, a Harvard School of Public Health professor and the study's senior author.

The study, published in the 'Annals of Internal Medicine,' says caffeine from coffee and other sources seems to significantly lower the risk of diabetes.

The results mirror a 2002 Dutch study that said people who drink seven cups of coffee were half as likely to develop diabetes.

But yesterday's study went a step further - and found that decaf and tea seem to lack the diabetes-fighting effects of caffeinated brew.

Doctors conducted the study by surveying coffee consumption in 42,000 men and 84,000 women in the 1980s and 1990s.

Hu said it's still unclear what it is about coffee or coffee drinkers that curbs diabetes.

'It doesn't mean everyone should run out for a latté,' Hu said. 'We still don't know exactly why coffee is beneficial for diabetes, and more research is clearly needed.'

A healthy diet and regular exercise remain the best way to ward off diabetes, Hu said.

Re: Diabetes News Item

Suzanne D. on 1/09/04 at 15:23 (141715)

That is an interesting study, Dorothy. There was an article in our local paper just this week which stated that 1 in 10 Kentuckians now have diabetes. And, in a disturbing trend, more children are developing type 2 diabetes.

I have never aquired a taste for coffee, which in relation to this study is unfortunate for me. I wish someone would come up with a study which states that chocolate is good for prevention of some disease. ;) I do know that it helps me when I have a migraine, although I try not to overdo eating chocolate.

Suzanne :)

Re: Diabetes News Item

Richard, C.Ped on 1/09/04 at 16:09 (141723)

III ddrrriiinnkkkkk tooo mmmuuucccchhhh aaaassss iiiiitttt isssssss.....

Re: Diabetes News Item

Dorothy on 1/09/04 at 17:00 (141724)

You're in luck, Suzanne, and I'm happy to be the one to give you the good news! As my husband is so happy to say regularly: chocolate is health food now.
Seriously, dark chocolate (preferably 70% cocoa) is extremely high in anti-oxidants and it is thought to have a number of very nice health benefits. Wise doctors and nutritionists and folks in the know are encouraging its use - in moderation, of course, but daily! This does not apply to milk chocolate or any other kind of non-dark chocolate. Hershey's Dark and Dove dark are good as are a number of the more expensive 'gourmet' types - but you have to read the labels and be sure of what you're getting.
So,I hope this is what you were looking for. Chocolate is health food.

Re: Diabetes News Item

Ron B on 1/09/04 at 18:38 (141729)

I stopped drinking coffee about 2 months ago. ok well I might have one or two cups a month. But I drink De-caff. I don't think I could down seven cups in a day anyway. Now Diet coke is another thing!! :O) trying to cut that way down too.Suzanne pass the chocolate please..........:O) I knew something I ate had to be good for me!! The chocolate in Reese's peanutbutter cups is DARK chocolate right???????????????? boy what a buy I got on all the Christmas candy left over at the store!
My Grandmother had diabetes, but I think she had it under control. she died of lung cancer. My wife is after me all the time to cut down on the sugar. my Doc. has never said anything to me about diabetes and I always ask him to check for it when they draw blood
Have a nice weekend 'you all' !!!!!!!!!

Re: hey Suzanne

Ron B on 1/09/04 at 18:44 (141730)

I have always heard that chocolate is Bad for headaches, especially for migraines ??? you say it helps you??? maybe its like ice and heat. everyone says to ice your PF and you and I have to use heat. don't know if I want to try chocolate for migraines
Ron B

Re: Diabetes News Item

Dorothy on 1/09/04 at 18:46 (141731)

I suspect you're kidding, but just in case - no, I don't think Reese's PB cups is dark chocolate, but what is additionally worrisome about most commercial candy like that is the hydrogenated fats in them somewhere, if you look at the ingredients. Those are the notorious trans-fatty acids.

Re: hey Suzanne

Dorothy on 1/09/04 at 19:16 (141734)

I've read that it is quite common for women to find relief for headaches and PMS from chocolate. (Marie! listen!....) It has a fair amount of magnesium, so maybe that helps.

Re: hey Suzanne

Suzanne D. on 1/10/04 at 10:09 (141770)

You're right, Ron; I have always heard that chocolate could bring on headaches, but not for me. Perhaps this is in regard to people who are allergic to chocolate? I'm not sure. Perhaps I am just 'odd'! :) But I do know that if I get a headache at school, I try to quickly take my migraine medicine and then eat a small piece of chocolate. Also drinking a Pepsi will help (I can't tolerate Coke.) Heat around my neck also gives relief. These are just the things I have learned from experience through the years.

It's funny, because my children can tell at school when I'm getting a headache, even before I say anthing. I have a sweet little girl who sits close to my desk this year who will come up and say, 'I think you have one of those bad old headaches. Let me give you a hug.' :)

One year I had a little girl who was a 'challenge' in many ways, but who liked me. She tried to help, but she would screech out very loudly, 'Alright, you guys, shut up! Can't you see poor Mrs. Dennis has a bad headache??!'

I appreciated the sentiment, but she could about send me through the roof with her voice at those times!

Suzanne :)

Re: Diabetes News Item

Suzanne D. on 1/10/04 at 10:12 (141771)

Well, that IS good news, Dorothy! Chocolate as a health food! :) I will have to get some dark chocolate to stash away in a drawer at school. I keep a little bowl of small chocolate pieces in one of my filing cabinet drawers. (I find I eat less if I have tiny wrapped pieces. If I have to unwrap it, I realize that I'm eating another one. If I had a candy bar, I'd eat the whole thing.)

Suzanne :)

Re: Diabetes News Item

Dorothy on 1/10/04 at 14:21 (141786)

If you get the Dove DARK chocolates, they are individually wrapped (WalMart carries them) and each little foil wrapper has a little saying or message. When they first came out, the message was fun, like a fortune cookie. Now they say things like, 'Eat more chocolate' or 'Chocolate makes life sweet'..... Advertising drivel. But the chocolate is good and the foil is recyclable!

Re: Chocolate as a weight loss tool

Carole C in NOLA on 1/10/04 at 23:24 (141808)

A friend of mine lost a whole lot of weight on Atkins. She kept dark chocolate in her office and would have a small square of it once or twice a day. She said it helped her to lose weight by helping her to not feel deprived, and also it's good for her.

I could never stop at one small square, though! So I guess that its use as a weight loss tool is fairly limited for people like me. I haven't bought chocolate for probably thirty years. :)

Carole C

Re: Chocolate as a weight loss tool

Pauline on 1/11/04 at 14:21 (141825)

Can't someone come up with a chocolate diet please?

Re: Chocolate as a weight loss tool

Carole C in NOLA on 1/11/04 at 14:55 (141829)

Maybe you can do some basic research, you know, be the guinea pig. Adding a high quality large bar of dark chocolate after dinner to one's daily menu plan might result in weight loss, but this needs more testing. :)

Carole C