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To Suzanne and Kathy G and everyone else

Posted by Pam S. on 1/09/04 at 21:08 (141753)

Dear Friends:
Our post was getting so long I thought I would respond here so you would see it. Since I have so much of importance to say!!!

SOOOOO happy you found your gloves, Suzanne. I am so sorry you were sad about seeing those pictures. That is really upsetting. I hope you are feeling better about that. Try looking at happy pictures that you remember your mom best by.

I also hope you are feeling better, Kathy. Strep is harder on adults I think. But the antibiodics do work really fast. My father lost his younger sister when he was a boy because she had strep. Aren't we lucky we live in this age. Everyone is so worried about getting the flu this year who would think of strep. By the way, what was the name of the book you recommended a while back about southerners? My New Years resolution is so read more. Maybe that would help my BRAIN. I am also taking piano lessons. I have read that works wonders on the brain. Alot of my friends play bridge, but I know I would be terrible at that.

MOVIE REVIEW: Two great movies to see - IN AMERICA and SONETHING'S GOTTA GIVE You will all love both of them Take care Be WELL Happy FEET Pam

Re: To Suzanne and Kathy G and everyone else

Suzanne D. on 1/10/04 at 09:47 (141765)

Thank you, Pam! It's 21 degrees here, and when I had to be out earlier this morning, I sure was glad to have my gloves! :)

Thank you also for your kind words in regard to the pictures. Isn't it nice that we can come here and express our thoughts - even about something like that - and know that others will care and support us! @};-

I, too, hope Kathy is feeling better today. You're right: strep usually responds to medicine quickly, or at least it did with my daughters through the years. Back in December when there were so many children out of school, a good many of them had strep. It seems to be affecting many this winter.

Thanks for the movie ideas!
Suzanne :)

Re: To Suzanne and Kathy G and everyone else

Kathy G on 1/14/04 at 10:27 (142002)

I haven't been on for a while and only have time for a short note but want to thank you all for your kind wishes. I do feel much better. I also have infected sinuses and they may take a while yet but the strep did respond very fast. Not as quickly as it used to but that may have been because it was such a bad infection. Man, I'm sure glad that I haven't had one of those for such a long time and I hope I don't get another one soon.

It's feezing here. No, it's way below freezing. Windchills are expected to be 35 below for the next few days. I thank God that we have a warm house and worry about those who are homeless or don't have enough money for fuel. There have been lots of fires because people are using space heaters and then the fire fighters have such a hard time because the hoses keep freezing up. It's unusual to have two cold spells like this so close together but last year we had a couple of weeks of it. It's New England; it's supposed to get cold, but not this cold!

Lots of posts I haven't read but I hope to tomorrow. Just wanted to check in and thank you all for your kind wishes!!

Re: To Suzanne and Kathy G and everyone else

Carole C in NOLA on 1/14/04 at 12:24 (142010)

Kathy, I'm glad you are feeling better but I sure wish it would warm up for you in New England! These below zero temperatures are probably not helping your sinuses one bit. I too worry about the homeless and especially about those who don't have the money for fuel.

So much for the predictions of a mild winter in the northeast!

Stay warm if you can.

Carole C

Re: To Suzanne and Kathy G and everyone else

john h on 1/15/04 at 12:17 (142090)

The wind chill in Little Rock yesterday was 70 degrees. This is historically the coldest week of the year. Problem: some of my bulbs are growing out and other flowering plants are becoming confused.

Re: John

Kathy G on 1/15/04 at 14:14 (142105)

Oh, just keep on rubbing it in, John! Let's see, I just checked and it's actually 3.2 degrees F here. Of course, I'm not taking into account the windchill factor which is said to be anywhere between 10 and 25 below. For tonight, they are forecasting a record low of 16 below, with windchill factors of 40 below. This will all end on Saturday when it's expected to be in the high twenties! That will feel positively balmy!

But you know what, when you are hot and humid in Little Rock, well, actually, we're hot and humid here in NH, too. But not as hot and humid!

I keep wondering why my ancestors chose to settle in NE and why we continue to stay!!:-/