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To Dr. Zuckerman

Posted by Jeremy, Kim on 1/11/04 at 19:04 (141833)

Hello, Dr.Zuckerman.

First of all, I really appreciate your helpful information here and concerns to the patients.

I am Jeremy in Korea and have had this heel pain for 1 year now.
For the first 6months, I just ignored what was happening to my feet since I believed it would be alright within 1 or 2 weeks as anybody here might think the same way.
However, as time went by, I found I was wrong. Now I've been going to pain clinic for 6month. I actually have had improvements but it's too slow.

My question is as follows.

1.Is there anybody fully cured? because I've seen many people being suffered from this heel pain but no one tells me they got completely cured.

2. I've concentrated on healing my heel pain by taking enormous time of rest. Actually I am not even going outside on weekends and that's been for 6month. this is really stressful, you know, since I have to kill my time all day long on weekends because I believe this will help quite much for healing my feet. How long should I do this stressful behavior. I am really desperate. Please help!!

I guess I got cured about 90 percent since I went to Pain Clinic...
B.U.T I thought I got cured 90 percent 3 months ago, too. This is a big matter.
I feel pretty much the same way as I felt 3 months ago.

Please answer the first question specially.

Re: To Dr. Zuckerman

Dr. Zuckerman on 1/11/04 at 19:27 (141835)

What treatments are you using at the pain clinic?. Many people are cured which means no pain in their heels. Early treatment and education is very important. Read the heel pain book. Take a look on the heelspur.com search engine and read about the triad of heel pain treatment. Without a complete treatment program you will never be cured or your relief will only be short lived. To put it simple the cause must be discovered in order to have a long term cure.

Re: To Dr. Zuckerman

Jeremy, Kim on 1/11/04 at 20:22 (141842)

Thanks for your fast and kind reply.
The doctor at the pain clinic ask me to relax the calf muscle with regular stretching and gives me some sort of injection that relax my calf muscle with Prolotherapy.
It's been 6months with calf muscle relaxation with injection and one and half month with Prolotherapy.
AM I getting a proper treatment?

I heard that many foot ball players often have this heel pain and they got cured much faster than normal people.
Why is that? Because I guess the rest is the best solution for this pain.
Or am I wrong? should I do some exercise like walking instead of having a continous rest at home?

Thanks. Doctor.

Re: To Dr. Zuckerman

Dr. Z on 1/12/04 at 12:34 (141881)

This is not the typical treatment for plantar fasciitis. Read the heel pain book and see what I am talking about