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For Richard CPed

Posted by R C on 1/12/04 at 07:26 (141852)

On the subject of colic...

A friend of mine says their baby's colic was caused by the mother's daily cinnamon roll habit. Apparently cinnamon is strong enough, even transmitted via breast milk, to elicit an allergic reaction. So once again, this points to a dietary factor as the possible culprit.

Re: For Richard CPed

Richard, C.Ped on 1/12/04 at 07:50 (141853)

Intresting...but my wife does not eat them. We tried the Gripewater stuff, and it seems to be working.

Re: For Richard CPed

AL K on 1/12/04 at 17:44 (141906)

I know of someone who is allergic to cinnamon aldehyde that is used in a lot of cosmetics, toothpastes, and body wash products