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Severe pain after hiking

Posted by Linda H. on 1/12/04 at 09:22 (141861)

Please help me ...I have a problem. I seem to have a heelspur in my right foot only. I noticed the pain towards the end of soccer season (I am a high school coach) especially when standing after a hour. It worsened after punting with my son one weekend. I found your site (which is great) and corrected some problems (my poor shoes) and did not walk long distances for a period of time ...approx 2 months. I also tried some Celebrex for about a week but that did not help. My pain seems to be in the area of the heel where 42% of the other people say their pain is. It seemed to get better and the only problems I had were walking after sitting in the evening and in the morning. It seemed to go away after I hoobled a few steps on my toes and get moving. The pain seemed to lessen and be a tingling. I decided to try some hiking. Last weekend I went for a couple of miles in the snow (my boots seemed to have good support) and all went well. Yesterday I walked around six miles in the boots. About halfway through I felt the arch of my foot falling. After the hike (and taking the boots off) I was in alot of pain and could not walk to well. Today the pain is bad also. I used ice, ibuprofen, and this morning tape. These are all helping but I need to get back to an active lifestyle. I have not added any arch support to the new balance shoes that I wear (or the boots). Should I see the doctor now or let the pain subside for a week or so. I am 47 years old, 67in. in height, and around 160 pounds. I am in good general health and active (would like to be more). I would like to start walking more as I normally do. Please help.

Re: Severe pain after hiking

Paul S on 1/12/04 at 10:30 (141867)

Forget about an active lifestyle for a while. I have had PF in my left foot now for about 6 mos. It is slowly getting better. Keep reading this board for some great tips. Look for the Yoga stretches from Julie. They really help first thing in the morning when done before getting out of bed.
Among the things I have used is a Nightsplint which gently stretches your foot while you are sleeping. I found it very hard to sleep in so I mainly use it for sitting for long periods of time. I also got some Birkenstock sandals, wet & dry ones. Always wear something around the house including in the shower. The Birks have been very helpful. I have continued walking for excercise but only on a treadmill which adds a cushioning effect at least when compared to concrete or asphalt. I also had stoppen taking vitamins several mos ago until I saw something in here about the benefits of Coq10 which I restarted. Since restarting the Coq10 I have noted a slow but steady improvement. Related, who knows? Also consider some form of Orthotics. Scan the board and good luck

Paul S

Re: Severe pain after hiking

BrianJ on 1/12/04 at 10:33 (141868)

Linda --

I am not a doctor, but I have a lot of practical experience with heel pain. I would suggest you go to a doctor now. Your symptoms sound like PF, but there's no substitute for a hands-on exam by a good podiatrist. Best thing you can do at this point is rest your feet as much as possible, ice frequently, get some good-quality orthotics, and look at Julie's yoga stretches. I know it is frustrating to forego your active lifesytle in the short run, but it is important that you let this flare-up settle down. Then, when you feel all better, VERY SLOWLY increase your activity level.

Hope this helps.

Re: Severe pain after hiking

Julie on 1/12/04 at 14:20 (141886)


You need to see a podiatrist for a full evaluation of your biomechanics, so that the cause of your plantar fasciitis can be identified and addressed with a full treatment plan. The yoga foot exercises I've posted and that Paul and Brian have recommended will probably help (they have helped many) but it's essential for the root cause of your heel pain to be diagnosed and tackled.

By all means do the yoga exercises (avoid weightbearing stretches AND hiking for now) and read the heel pain book for information and ideas about conservative treatments. But nothing is a substitute for hands-on treatment by a specialist foot doctor.

Dealing with PF is a process, so be patient.