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Posted by john h on 1/12/04 at 09:50 (141864)

We have so many people posting about weight these days. I recently looked at my class pictures in 1st grade, 8th grade, and high school graduation. In 8th grade we had one girl who seemed to be overwieigt. In 1st grade no one was overweight. In my high school class there were probably 2-3 overweight. I think stats are now that over 50% of Americans are overweight. Certainly this has to do with the changing lifestyle and fast food. We had no TV and no McDonalds as I grew up and I never heard anyone discuss weight. Our diet was full of fat with biscuts,bacon, and gravy every morning. Food was cooked in lard and we would devour milkshakes and whole milk. I do think we were a lot more active. I walked to school a mile or more starting at about age 8. We had gym or vigorous outdoor activities every day including the girls. I remember the silly outfits the girls wore to play field hockey every day. Sort of like big bloomers. Today I do not even know if they require physical education every day. We sure did not have coke or candy machines in the school. Some things in life have gone down hill. I am not up to date much on education anymore but it seems we spend way to much time in courts. In the 40's and early 50's we were still very much into the basics of reading,writing,math,science,spelling(i should have failed that),etc with no goof off courses. If you failed a grade you were held back a year which I doubt every happens anymore. I read that just this week that some schools do not give grades and on TV they were showing a school were the kids could come to school or not, discuss anything they wanted, no homework, no grades, and the teachers were more or less just there to observe. It appeared to be total chaos to me. Attendance was not even taken and everyone graduated no matter what. Who would send their children to a school like this and why?.The teachers at this school seemed to be refugees from the 60's.