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When is surgery needed

Posted by Janet G on 1/12/04 at 10:42 (141870)

I was first diagnosed with heel spur in left foot more than 15 years ago. For many years, custom orthodics helped. About 13 months ago, the pain worsened. Classic symptoms such as pain when first stepping, etc. I've seen my podiatrist 6 times in last year. Several cortisone shots, night splints, etc. Latest is possible new orthodics. My foot has been wrapped for a week and will see doctor tomorrow. Although pain wasn't too bad over weekend, I can feel it returning today back at work.
My doctor says surgery doesn't have a great success rate (and I'm not too crazy about the idea), but I'm getting very frustrated.
I don't think ESWT is available in our area. When would you recommend the other surgery?

Re: When is surgery needed

SteveG on 1/12/04 at 11:08 (141874)

Not a doctor, but I would not consider surgery until I had a least two rounds of ESWT. As you noted, the surgery has risks and not a real high success rate. If you need to go out of your area for ESWT I would do it. Talk to your pod about it.

Re: When is surgery needed

iki on 1/13/04 at 17:13 (141969)

it did not help me (nothing has) but I was in a group of two times eight people that had X-ray treatment (ca. 45 seconds, six times, and, as it did not help a second cycle of six times); I had to give feed-back after six months and was told I was the only one out of the group for whom it had not worked...