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We have an option

Posted by Pauline on 1/12/04 at 18:15 (141910)

The solution to obesity might be to have medical science simply find a way to make people grow taller:* Given the same weight at 7' tall not many people would look heavy.

Re: We have an option

marie on 1/12/04 at 18:24 (141912)

And just think...we'd dominate the game of basketball.;)

Re: We have an option

Dorothy on 1/13/04 at 00:23 (141925)

Now, that's clever thinking!

Re: We have an option

john h on 1/13/04 at 12:35 (141951)

He Pauline it would be much simpler to change the medical definition of what is obese. I forget what period in history it was but the overweight ladies were in much demand. Was it not Rubin who did all the painting of that period of the volupotous nude ladies?

Re: We have an option

Kathy G on 1/15/04 at 15:19 (142110)

I wonder if all those women were on Lipitor?:D