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Pain after surgery

Posted by MaryC on 1/12/04 at 20:36 (141917)

I had a plantar fasciotomy Nov 19, 2003, today (1/10/03)I went to the Dr. and Im in worse pain now than I was before surgery. I have been suffering with planta fascitic for 5 years and finally decided to have the surgery, I was told today that he (my Dr) has never seen anything like this before. I have been referred to a Dr at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

If there is anyone out there who has benn through anyhting like this please email me. I appriciate any words of encourgment.

Re: Pain after surgery

BrianJ on 1/12/04 at 21:43 (141921)

Hi Mary --

For an open fasciotomy (as opposed to endoscopic), many doctors believe the healing time can be as long as 6-12 months. I know it's very difficult to be patient, but please don't label your surgery as 'unsuccessful' yet. Still, I think you are wise to get a second opinion, if for no other reason than a little peace of mind.

Good luck, and please keep us informed of your progress.

Re: Pain after surgery

Bud P on 1/13/04 at 08:15 (141933)

Brian is right.You didn't mention what type of surgery you had. I had EPF on Nov.11th. It is a less invasive surgery.I'm now about 90% better. For me it was the best decision I ever made. I hope things get better for you and be patient.

Re: Pain after surgery

TammyG on 1/13/04 at 10:33 (141939)

Guess what Mary, your not alone I had surgery the thursday before u did and I'm not attending physical therapy....My pain is much worse than before the surgery...............Tammy

Re: Pain after surgery

TammyG on 1/13/04 at 10:39 (141940)

Sorry typo,was in a hurry. I am attending therapy....Tammy

Re: Pain after surgery

Pauline on 1/13/04 at 12:46 (141952)

I might have missed your earlier post, but if you describe in detail what your experiencing one of our doctors may be able to provide you with more information.

If you've been referred out something must be going on. Keep that appointment, but try to provide Dr. Z or Dr. Wander with more information. They may have idea of whats going on and provide some suggestions for you.

Re: Pain after surgery

dave r on 1/13/04 at 15:25 (141963)

Mary, I live in Wisconsin and have had a plantar fasciotomy too. Can i ask you who your doctor was? Are you going to see Richard Marx?
I have been to many doctors here in Wisconsin..If you want you can email me at (email removed)...

Re: Pain after surgery

Terry L on 1/13/04 at 16:54 (141965)

I like Dave am interested in the doctor who did your surgery, my guess would be that he wants you to see Dr. Marks he supposely the best around but it takes sometime to get into him. It looks like there are a number of people from Wisconsin posting.

Hi Dave, how have you been feeling? I'm still be treated for RSD and am having some success with radiofrequency but I have other problems like neuromas in one foot and something else is going on in my left foot and they are giving me a lot of trouble.

Re: Pain after surgery

Terry L on 1/13/04 at 16:55 (141966)

Mary sorry Dave is right on the spelling it's Marx not Marks

Re: Pain after surgery

Mary C on 1/13/04 at 20:32 (141980)

Hi Terry,

I live in the Milwaukee area, and Dr Di Uilo performed my surgery (open) Im very pleased with him I have a lot of faith in him ( he has performed some other surgeris on me and they all were very sucessful), however he's just not sure what is going on that is why he has referred me to Richard Marks @ the Medical College. I should not be having SO much pain and unable to put ANY weight on my foot. Thank you so much for your input it's a relief to know Im not alone.


Re: Pain after surgery

Mary C on 1/13/04 at 20:43 (141982)


I have been sufering with plantar fasciitis for almost 5 years, after many many injections, therapy, shoe inserts, anti inflammatories, night splints, strectching, physical therapy and pain medication, I had to throw in the towel and have surgery. I understand that I should not be having so many difficulties since surgery (11/19/03) Im unable to put weight on my foot and if Im up for any amount of time the pain is VERY unbearable to the point of tears... Im only 38 and have always been active... However now Im becoming a very bitter person.. If you have any suggestions I would appriciate it. I do have a appoitment with another Dr on 01/26/04..

Thank you,

Re: Pain after surgery

dave r on 1/14/04 at 09:23 (141996)

Dr. marx is suppose to be the best ortho around. I saw him a few years ago and I wasnt impressed with the way I was treated there. he had 4 different interns there that were looking at my foot. I really only saw Dr. Marx for a minute or two. he didnt listen to me and I was very frustrated. Needles to say I didnt go back. I have had a few other doctors tell me that he is really good so I guess my experiance wasnt a good one. Make sure you get there early. You need to sign in and that may take awhile. What type of surgery did you have on your foot? Do you know how much of the fascia was cut? What type of pain are you having?

Re: To terry Pain after surgery

dave r on 1/14/04 at 09:27 (141997)

Hi terry, I am alright I guess. I still have great days and other days when It really sucks....Not sure what my next plan of attack will be. Who are you seeing for rfl?
Can you email me at (email removed)

Re: Pain after surgery

Dorothy on 1/14/04 at 11:36 (142006)

dave r ~
I haven't seen your doctor, but I have had a couple of medical experiences with people who were 'supposed to be the best' or at a site which was 'supposed to be the best' and my experience was far from 'the best'. What you described would describe my experiences as well. It is very disheartening because you get your hopes up, and then...
Just butting into your conversation to tell you of similar experiences, several times.

Re: Pain after surgery

dave r on 1/14/04 at 12:57 (142011)

Yep, dorothy you are right..When I was at my worst, I wasnt able to walk without crutches. I was referred to see the best ortho around. And i ended up leaving there with a cheap set of orthotics, and a list of stretches to do. You know, the step stretch and all the other ones that are bad for you...i left almost in tears......I still have doctors that want me to see him. I just shake my head and say no-way.......

Re: Pain after surgery

Dr. Zuckerman on 1/14/04 at 18:08 (142029)

Hi Mary,

First get an MRI to rule out any tendon tear and or fracture. If this comes back normal, then a fibercast cast is the way to go. Plantar fascia surgery can be very painful and it can last for over six months to one year in some cases.

Re: Pain after surgery

Rose on 1/14/04 at 21:15 (142042)

I had the open release surgery July 1, and it has taken a long time to heal, but it is getting better all the time. I was told to expect it to get worse before it gets better. I was warned it would up to a full year for complete healing. So hang in there, and I hope you will be pleasantly surprised.

Re: Pain after surgery

chris m on 1/29/04 at 14:52 (143190)

Mary. I'm right there with ya, girl. I had a plantar fasciotomy (partial release.incision at bottom of foot.) on May 10, 2003. My pain is much worse now. The pain on the outside of my foot is terrible. (lateral column syndrome i believe.) I also still have heel and foot pain. Wish i never would have had the surgery. But, i tried everything:(orthotics,cortizone,ESWT,Vioxx,therapy)so, that was my last option. I have a hard time believing 9 months after surgery that i will get better.
I don't intend on giving up, but i'm not even close to finding any relief.
Sorry about the negativity, but that's what i got for now. Hope you start to feel better.