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Thank you very much for your concerns.

Posted by Jeremy on 1/13/04 at 19:19 (141978)

I can't even come up with any better words to thank you who shared their sincere mind. Thank you very much, forks.
And I'd beg your pardon if I made a wrong or strange expression, you know that I am not a native english speaker.
To Dorothy, I fully understand what you said and I'll keep that in my mind. Thanks for telling me. I really didn't know that.

I am in Korea and the hardest thing I had to endure myself was taking a subway.
It actually takes 1 and half hours to my office, it's a quite long way. And there's no place to sit during this busy hours, you know the pain.
So, I had to buy a used car even if it gave me a lot of burden. But there were no options at that time.

I was very positive about buying a car since I believed that it would be a lot of help in healing my feet instead of taking a subway.
However, it didn't work well. And now I can't even imagine that I can take a subway standing for almost 2 hours again.

I am going to buy a foot insole and night splint this saturday as you kindly advised and look for any Yoga clubs around my place.I think I need to consider taking some medication, too.

Please, let me have your kind opinion on following question.

Should I take a rest as much as I can during weekends? or would it be better to start taking a walk for a while.
you know that I am really tired of resting all day long.

I am still very confused whether or not I should take a rest all day long during weekends as I have done for 5 months.

Sometimes I think a wheelchair for a couple of month can be a help.
Anyway, I don't know!

I am very glad to know you on this web site and I'd like to keep in touch.
God bless you!

Re: Thank you very much for your concerns.

Jeremy on 1/13/04 at 19:21 (141979)

sorry it was folks not forks..

Re: Thank you very much for your concerns.

Dorothy on 1/13/04 at 21:03 (141984)

Oh, Jeremy - I am sorry. Are you referring to what I said about 'all caps'?? If so, my comments were not directed to you, but they were directed to one who posts as PEYTON HARRY or PEYTON HENRY, I forget which it is. He/she writes in all caps.

No, on the contrary, I have been reading your posts and I really am feeling for you and wishing I could offer something of help or something useful to you, and I hope that others who are knowledgable will do so.

Your English is great! Be assured, it is 1,000 times better than my Korean (I do not speak Korean....) and I admire your language ability.

I am sorry for any confusion from my message. It was not directed at your way of writing at all. Sometimes it is difficult to tell who is responding to whom or what when these threads get going. My apologies.
I hope you find pain relief and healing soon.
Best wishes ~