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Michael K pain management question

Posted by Buck T. on 1/14/04 at 11:34 (142005)

Michael or anyone:

You mentioned seeing doctor for pain management. Was it you general physian? How did you approach question of pain with doctor?

Thanks, Buck

Re: Michael K pain management question

SteveG on 1/14/04 at 12:58 (142012)

Buck - a pain management doctor is a specialist that deals with chronic pain. He or she is often part of a pain clinic like the following:


You could talk to your family doctor about a possible referral to a pain management specialist, if your present doctor is not able to help you.

Re: Michael K pain management question

Buck T. on 1/14/04 at 16:36 (142024)

Steve: Thanks for the help. I can and will talk with both POD and family doctor.


Re: Michael K pain management question

Michael K on 1/14/04 at 17:28 (142027)

Hello Buck my Podiatrist refered me to a pain management specialist who deals with chronic pain. How bad is your pain? Mine as you may already know is 24/7 and getting quite tired dealing with it. Any other questions here is my email address (email removed) Michael

Re: Michael K pain management question

john h on 1/15/04 at 11:09 (142075)

The pain specialist will approach this with drugs which if it works is worth the effort. One of our guys on the board is sort of our drug guru as he has dealt with this for years and seems to have found the right combinations of meds that work for him. I have tried many drugs but never found one that stopped PF pain but then I have never been treated for PF with narcotics. I did get some short term relief with a Medrol Dose Pack which is an oral steriod. You cannot take this forever unfortunately.

Re: Michael K pain management question

john h on 1/15/04 at 11:16 (142077)

I bet if you went back a few years you would find post on almost every drug that has the potential to help PF pain. Brian probably knows more about PF pain drugs than the Pain Specialist.

Re: Michael K pain management question

john h on 1/15/04 at 11:23 (142078)

My family doctor is a runner and very familiar with PF. She clearly admits that I probably know more than she does about treating PF as the average family doctor does not see that many cases and then they usually offer up the standard treatments we are all most familar with. When I read about a new drug or some drug that has worked for some of you I discuss it with her and she has no problem letting me try it based on her knowledge of my medical history. She strongly believes in treating pain and not letting her patients suffer needlessly. Many of you will read about things here your doctor will never have heard of including ESWT so when you go to your family doctor tell him/her of some of the things you have read about and ask if it may be appropriate for you to try.

Re: Michael K pain management question

Michael K on 1/15/04 at 12:21 (142091)

Hello John is the Guru Brian G if so we have emailed quite often and have
discussed many drugs. If you like leave your phone number or here is mine
626 335-8929 give me a call in fact anyone here can give me a call a lot more can be said over the phone. Tired of the pain, Michael K

Re: Michael K pain management question

john h on 1/15/04 at 13:06 (142096)

Yes Michael it is Brian G and he seems to be on top of what might work and not work with meds for PF. Some doctors do not seem to recognize that the pain associated with PF can sometimes be worse than the disease. It causes depression, anxiety, job loss, immobility, weight gain, family difficulities and many other things. Pain should be treated aggressively.Some Doctors take such an approach but we the patients need to make it clear to them just how bad the pain is and how much it is disrupting your life. So many Doctors because of our drug laws are reluctant to take an aggressive approach on treating pain. Rush Limbaugh is an example of someone who had/has terrible back pain and went outside the rules to obtain Oxycontin to treat his pain and becamed addicted. He has been dragged thru the mud but no one has asked the question what does Rush Limbaugh now do to treat his pain? The pain just did not disappear. This made such big news what are the chances of us getting a treatment of Oxycontin when it may in fact work very well for us if used in a prescribed manner.One of my family Doctors said he was careful in prescribing Tramadol even though it is not particularly addictive but has a big street value. Apparently if you take 8-10 pills you can get some sort of effect. Now the kids are taking over the counter cold meds in large quanities and get a big high. Some have died.

Re: Michael K pain management question

Kathy G on 1/15/04 at 15:50 (142117)


I know you are very frustrated with the pain and it would seem that pain management would help you. The other suggestion I have is taking an antidepressant. I don't suffer from depression, thank goodness, but my two sisters do and so did my late mother, so I know way more about it than I care to know. When my PCP recommended I go on Zoloft once a day, I was perplexed. I wondered if I was suffering from depression and not aware of it. He said that he saw no signs of depression (neither did I) but that people who suffer from chronic pain can benefit from the use of an antidepressant. I was rather resistant at first but then figured I'd try it. Many people on this site have found that taking antidepressants help them cope with chronic pain and it is commonly prescribed for it.

As for me? Well, since I started taking it I've developed arthritis in several areas of my body, along with the PF. I'm not taking any chances and going off of it! I have even more reason to need that added boost of seratonin it gives me. It isn't addictive and I have no undue side effects from it.

Just a suggestion!

Re: Michael K pain management question

Buck T. on 1/16/04 at 10:15 (142179)

Kathy: Think you're right about anit-depressants. Went to family doctor and told him I was depressed because of foot pain. He said, 'I don't think foot pain can be bad enough to cause depression.' He then gave me a short written test and turned white at the score. I was borderline sucidal. I'm on antidepressants and they help.


Re: Michael K pain management question

john h on 1/16/04 at 10:16 (142180)

That doctor needs a dose of PF for about a month or two.

Re: Michael K pain management question

dave r on 1/16/04 at 10:59 (142192)

Holy sh$%.......I had a few docots that have done the same thing to me..
Its rediculous, what is the medical community coming to..

Re: Michael K pain management question

john h on 1/16/04 at 11:12 (142199)

If you have had PF for a year or so with the associated pain and altered life style and are not somewhat depressed then you have something else wrong with you.