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To Jeremy

Posted by Dorothy on 1/14/04 at 12:04 (142009)

Jamie wrote to you a very detailed and thorough post and Julie commended Jamie for that post. I want to underscore a couple of things that Jamie already wrote to you so very nicely. First, Jamie mentioned the Foot Trainers. If you do a search on this message board using the term foot trainers or personal foot trainers, you will see many messages about this product from people here. I am one of the people who has written often about the Foot Trainers because I think they are VERY helpful. The website for them is http://www.foottrainer.com is informative and will give you contact information if you are interested in trying them. Julie mentioned fairly recently that she had a pair to give away so that might be something of interest to you - although that would obviously be between you and Julie.
Also, have you tried heat and/or ice? Are you giving thorough consideration to the shoes you are wearing? These, along with everything else Jamie wrote, are points to consider.

Re: Thank you!

Jeremy on 1/14/04 at 20:41 (142040)

Thank you very much for your kind,thoughtful comments, Dorothy.
Actually I have tried almost everything that the people here have suggested for 1 year.
Mean while, I of course have spent a lot of money for that.

And now, my financial status and tired mind&body doesn't allow me to be attracted by any new products even if people say 'it's helpful'.
But I will check the FT as you kindly advised. It looks good but I made a similar one myself using a stick with bands, though.

Every morning, my parents ask me ' how's your feet, today'.
And I say ' I am O.K' but my face can't hide my real state.
However, I still strongly believe that the day that I can say 'the pain's gone' will come soon....maybe tomorrow or next week.

As someone mentioned, the patience is the most important thing for the heel pain cure.

I'd like to say to the people who have suffered from this dreadful heel pain syndrome, LET's fight till the end!

I am very happy that I can share my painful mind with you, folks here.
Thank you all!!

God bless you!

Ah, Dorothy, there are about millions of people who have 'Kim' as their surname in Korea..quite surprise? :)

Re: Thank you!

john h on 1/15/04 at 11:05 (142074)

Jeremy: I am into PF on both feet for over 8 years and counting now. Not much I have not tried. I have had ups and downs but continue the good fight. I am better than I was 8 years ago or I have adjusted. Not sure which. I am open to almost anything and have tried things that I never thought I would have tried until I came down with this disease. Keep on searching and experimenting and discount nothing unless you have tried it.

Re: Thank you!

Al on 1/15/04 at 15:54 (142118)

Try a good celated Calcium Citrate supplement of 2000mg a day. It helped my get rid on my PF.