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Need reference/resources to relate tarsal tunnel directly to trauma

Posted by Donna H on 1/14/04 at 23:41 (142051)

Its been 1 1/2 yrs since the guy with suspended license/record for dealing drugs ran the 4 way stop, slammed into me, shearing off nearly the whole front of my car,in front of drivers' side door. God was with me that day!Difficult to explain, but My left foot went under the brake pedal,hitting so hard, the rubber covering of the brake flew off. My right foot flew all the way to the passenger side of the car, hit passenger door, then back to drivers' side (as did my head). I know now most car wreck injuries are not apparent till days/weeks after wreck. (I have Spinal injuries too). I did complain of feet hurting in ER;they took no xrays (guess I had my quota)! 1st diagnosis 2 wks later was Achilles tendonitis;since the guy totalled my car I was walking 4 blks to/from bus, and wherever I had to go. Wks later, I was sent for EMG - diagnosis was TTS both feet, 'significantly worse in left foot.' Conservative tmt. no relief; surgery 2/03. Next diagnosed w/ plantar faciitis, as I continued suffering, & still can barely walk;excrutiating pain.Total disability approved by Social Security 3 mos ago.
Now my atty fighting car owners'insurance, & they are trying to say its not possible TTS/plantar faciitis/Achilles tendonitis are from car wreck.I had psoriasis on both feet 2 yrs prior to wreck, w/ NO complications - normal itching, redness,plaques. Anyone know of any online articles, websites, or perhaps a doctor could comment on the above, where these conditions are related to trauma? Would be very greatly appreciated. Thanks much - Donna

Re: Need reference/resources to relate tarsal tunnel directly to trauma

Tracy N on 1/15/04 at 18:53 (142144)

Hi Donna I also was involved in a car accident that caused my problems. Recap - 5/03 sitting at a red light when a drunk driver didn't see anyone and hit the back of my car which pushed me into the front car. Within minutes I had tingling/needle feeling in right foot. Hospital, no xrays told impossible for someone to break bones in this type of injury unless old. Turned into loss of sensation in bottom of R foot, top and outer portions of calf. No prior issues to legs or feet. Dr. concluded nerve entrapment at outer knee, inner ankle and top of ankle/foot, going for surgery end of this month to release all three points. I haven't retained a lawyer, the other insurance is claiming to pick up all expenses related to this injury. I'm hoping when it comes down to it they aren't going to say the same as yours is.

I haven't been able to find anything like your requesting and have tried numerous places. I can say that all the articles regarding nerve entrapment do refer to an injury as one of the possible causes. If you find anything let me know and I will do the same.

Re: Need reference/resources to relate tarsal tunnel directly to trauma

Donna H on 1/16/04 at 07:57 (142169)

Hi Tracy - Thanks alot for the info. Sorry about your wreck. Only someone experiencing the torture of these conditions can possibly understand just what we go through. Even family, after awhile, seems to think I am exaggerating. Its really bad when doctors just brush you off. I got referred to one 'specialist' who clearly stated that he was 'not qualified' and 'don't deal with your type of injuries...' then wrote in his report that '...she is quite convinced that her foot problems are a result of her wreck, and I find that hard to believe and have never seen such a case.' (!!!) Fortunately the ortho dr that did my surgery countered that and I saw the look on his face when he read the other report, which by the way was from one of his colleagues in the same office!
I really appreciate your trying to research the issues I mentioned. I haven't had much luck; most of what I read say its related to obesity or being flat-footed. Good luck w/ your surgery; let me know how it goes. Pls consider getting an atty to protect your interests, or if not, do NOT settle for next to nothing; make SURE you get 'pain & suffering' & lost wages, NOT just medical bills. You deserve it,& it may make that drunk driver think twice before getting behind the wheel drunk again. Donna