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For Dave C Post Surgery

Posted by Bud P on 1/15/04 at 06:39 (142060)

I haven't seen a post or anything from you. I was wondering how you are doing since the surgery.I'm now 2 months post op.since my EPF. I'm still about 90% better. I haven't seen much progress lately but I'll just have to be patient. I over did it about a week ago and set myself back. Tried to do some painting in the house and spent too much time reaching on my tip toes. Seems to have aggravated the surgery and left foot some. So I'll sit tight for a few weeks and see if I can recupe. Take care and I hope you are recovering well.

Re: For Dave C Post Surgery

Dave C on 1/16/04 at 00:43 (142162)

See my post three catagories below your post and also in the surgery database.