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Will my plantar fasciitis come back?

Posted by Jeremy O. on 1/15/04 at 07:19 (142063)

I've recently found out that the foot pain I've been having for a long time is plantar fasciitis. After doing X-Rays the Doctor also informed me that I have a Heel spur.

I've begun my treatment with Vioxx and a Cortisone shot.

I walk with an inward roll to foot and I sit all day at my desk at work, I'm Overweight (Although I'ce recently been working on fixing that.. and doiing well). The brief research I've done seem sto say that all these things contribute to the aggravation of the problem. Im not really sure how the anti-inflammatory works either... It seems like its just a temporary solution.

Any Help/Suggestions/Answers would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Will my plantar fasciitis come back?

Richard, C.Ped on 1/15/04 at 08:03 (142066)

Plantar fasciitis is a stress and overuse injury. You have to support the fascia in order to help promote healing. If you do not, the fascia will continue to stretch and tug at the inflammed site. My best example is, if you cut your finger and sit there all day and rub it, it will not heal. Same thing goes for the plantar fascia. If it is damaged, and you continue to walk without support (proper support that it), it will not start healing.

Re: Will my plantar fasciitis come back?

Julie on 1/15/04 at 11:34 (142081)

Jeremy, it sounds as though you need orthotics. Your inward-rolling foot means that you over-pronate, and as Richard has said, your fascia needs support. Hasn't your doctor (is s/he a podiatrist - if not you should see one) suggested this? Anti-inflammatories and cortisone are temporary measures: you need to address the cause of your PF.

The spur is probably nothing to worry about. In the vast majority of cases, it does not cause pain and is not the problem. The repeated strain on the fascia is the problem. This is what you have to deal with.

Read the heel pain book (click here) for information and suggestions.