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Posted by Ron B on 1/15/04 at 14:05 (142102)

Thanks for the info. on Calcium-citrate. I don't think I'll try it. I had been taking MSM and vit.C before my ESWT treatment. I want to get back on that and give it a good try. My problem is when I try someting new,it seems to work the very first time I try it then it doesn't seem to help. For example. The first time I did the streaches leaning against the wall, I was pain free for a day. Then they didn't seem to help much. Then I tried DMSO and it helped the first couple times I used it, then it didn't seem to work. Next was taping. The first time I did it I was pain free at work, then the pain was back. Same with Julies yoga streaches. First time I did them I had a good night at work, then I was back to square one again. The last thing I tried was swimming. Last Sunday I swam for 20 min. and I was pain free for almost 24 hours. I have swam twice since then, and I still have pain.
Anyone have idea's on this? I can't figure it out ?
Ron B

Re: Pauline

Julie on 1/15/04 at 15:15 (142108)

Ron, I have an idea. What you say tells me that you haven't persevered with anything. You try something and find it helps, then the next day you have a setback, and give up and try something else. This trial-and-error, hit-and-miss method will never work.

You need to give any self-treatment a full trial before you decide that it hasn't 'worked'. This is very true of the things I know most about: taping, and the yoga stretches. To be effective, they need to be applied consistently over a period of time. The same applies to swimming. Any or all of these activities may help, or they may not help. All need to be applied with more consistency than you seem to have given them so far.

But mostly, what you need is a comprehensive treatment plan targetted to YOUR feet and to the cause of YOUR problem, and for this you need to establish a relationship with a first-class foot doctor. I can't recall from your earlier posts if you have done this, but I'm guessing that you haven't.

Time to rethink?

Re: Pauline(Julie)

Ron B on 1/15/04 at 20:10 (142149)

I never said I have given up on these things! I just said that the first time I try something new I seem to get Good results. As I continue to do these thing, they don't seem to be as successful as the first time. I am still taping, I am still doing the yoga stretches and I will continue to swim. I have stopped weight bearing stretches. My pod told me to stop the DMSO and MSM because of my ESWT treatment. I will see him next week and I think he will let me get back to using these. It will have been six weeks since my treatment.
Is he a first-class foot doctor?? I don't know. I don't have anyone to compare him to. he is the only pod in this town. He seems to know what he's talking about.there are others in the towns close by. Not sure I want to jump from pod to pod . He did surgery on my sister for bunions and she was happy with the results. I know one thing, he is not cheap! I have been seeing him for about 10 months, so I guess you could say I have established a relationship with him.
I think I'm like lots of people here, searching for something to give relief. So I do think it is trail and error. I have found (along with SuzanneD) that ice doesn't help and heat does.
I do thank you for your posts
Ron B