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young folks with tts

Posted by ehren on 1/15/04 at 15:46 (142115)

i dont know the ages of people posting. im curious if anyone out there, like me, is 26- or somewhere around there. my most common symptom is pain and i was diagnosed with tts. iv been walking around with it for a few months, and got right to a doctor (neurologist) and had it diagnosed. im hoping with early detection, i might be able to recover quickly(relatively speaking). i want to attack it right away. what do you think are the best things to do right off the bat to alleviate the pain, decrease the inflammation, etc?
should i get an mri to get a better idea of what is causing the impingement?
im on vioxx and neurotin now. anything else? vitamins, herbal medications?
night splints? ice? pt? massage?
any recommendations would be great. thanks!

Re: young folks with tts

marie on 1/15/04 at 18:19 (142138)

Yep all of the above. So sorry to hear you have to go through this at your age.

Consider: MSM, Glucosamine, C, and Magnesium

Massage feet, calves and ankles. Do not massage aggresively over the tarsal area.

ice when swollen.

Light stretches. Try Yoga.

Birkenstock shoes or other prescribed orthatics.

Rest, rest and more rest.

compression socks or support hose.

best wishes, marie

Re: young folks with tts

ehren on 1/16/04 at 16:45 (142223)

thanks marie.
ive never noticed that the area is swollen. should i still ice it at night for example? and if i should ice, should i simply put my feet in a bucket of ice, or where should i put the ice. and also, what is considered the most severe symptom? numbness, pain, cold sensations? my feet are pretty cold much of the time.
i plan on getting involved with a physical therapist soon. im an athlete and this is driving me crazy. what can i expect in terms of recovery time for this sort of thing? thanks for anyone who can help!

Re: young folks with tts

marie on 1/16/04 at 18:10 (142230)

I don't ice all of the time. Only when my feet are bugging me. When TTS was at its worst I did ice just the inside of my ankles. Iput a dish towel over each ankle and put a bag of frozen peas on each one. I did this after stretching or yoga and massage.

My feet are cold alot too so I do use a heating pad on them sometimes at night just to get them warm before bed. I do seem to get relief from that as well.

Recovery time? That depends....it does take a long time. For me a good year after we really started treating it. Rest, rest and more rest. You can stay fit by using hand weights or light non weight bearing exercising. DON'T overdue. I swam...nothing formal just sort of relaxed and kicked around. I'm not an athlete so I don't have to deal with that issue but I can hike a bit in the woods now. You may need to make some lifestyle adjustments for now.....this isn't the time to do more than what you're able to do. I really missed gardening and hiking in the woods so I started making small terrariums. I love my tiny gardens. They helped me keep my sanity. I also like computer graphics....so I've been making webpages. I even made one about terrariums.LOL.

Re: young folks with tts

ehren on 1/17/04 at 09:50 (142262)

so there is hope out there?
for a young person like me, of course, i especially dont want this to be a chronic problem and wonder what this means for the long term. is this something people completely recover from eventually?

i had plantar fascitis before this, so its been 8 months now of something keeping me from doing anything athletic on my feet! i assume the one led to the other.

also, ive had some people recommend orthotics, others not. whats the disadvantages of orthotics, i.e. getting a custom mold or something like that? what about night splints? ive heard good things about them for plantar fascitis, but what about tts?

Re: young folks with tts

marie on 1/17/04 at 12:10 (142276)

There is life after a dx of tts. Some adjustments may have to be made. If you are concerned about your ability to play a sport consider swimming for now. TTS takes a long time to recover from....and alot of work.

I did not have much luck with orthotics but I also did not try more than one. I wear Birkenstocks. They have been a life saver for many at this board. Softbed is preferred. You can order them on line at http://birkenstockcentral.com/

There are other places to order but I have had success with this company. I believe they have some athletic shoes.

As far as nightsplints go...I've never used them...consider placing a post about this on the treatment board.

best wishes marie