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Just got my FootTrainers in

Posted by JamieS on 1/15/04 at 17:27 (142129)

Ill let you guys know how they turn out. Im gonna start using them this evening. Gotta go do my Yoga exercises too. later peeps.

Re: Just got my FootTrainers in

wendyn on 1/15/04 at 22:37 (142160)


A few years ago I had to ask my teenager what that was.

Now I know that you guys are my 'peeps' and also my 'homie's'.

I also know that you give 'props' to your 'peeps'.

(My 18 year old just walked away with a really disgusted look on my face because I'm asking stupid questions).

My 10 year old informed me the other day that his jewelry is 'bling-bling'.

At the end of the day, you head home to your 'crib'.

I'm hip.

Re: Just got my FootTrainers in

Julie on 1/16/04 at 02:53 (142164)

Wendy, I love all those words! I knew peeps, but homies and cribs and bling bling are really cute. Now I feel hip too. Thank you.

Re: Just got my FootTrainers in

Suzanne D. on 1/16/04 at 15:14 (142218)

I don't think there's a chance I'll ever be hip. I'm stuck in the land of first-grade-isms like 'pasketti' (spaghetti) and so on. I can understand any child, anywhere...:)

Today I tried to teach my children why we would be out of school Monday. I talked about what Martin Luther King worked to improve, and I told the children that I remembered as a young child seeing the words 'No Coloreds' on the door of a restaurant and how confused I was, asking my mother what that meant.

One little boy raised his hand and said with great patience, 'That meant you weren't supposed to take your coloring book in.' :'>

Suzanne :)

Re: Just got my FootTrainers in

francesc on 1/16/04 at 15:49 (142221)

Hi Suzanne,

That is so cute! I can relate as I have a kindergartener and a preschooler. Except for me it's 'Octover' instead of 'October.' And it's booken instead of broken.

We live in a fairly metropolitan area with a diverse crowd. My kids have friends of all nationalities and I'm really happy about that. I remember growing up feeling very different and getting teased and made fun of everyday in elementary school. I'm glad my kids will never have to go through that.


Re: Just got my FootTrainers in

Carole C in NOLA on 1/17/04 at 22:57 (142294)

At least they have a CHANCE of not feeling very different and getting teased and made fun of every day in elementary school. I'm as white as can be and that's what happened to me, too. In my case it was because my family was very intellectual compared with the others there and not 'cool', and because my mother 'dressed me funny' and I was a foot taller than the others. Anyway, I too hope your kids never have to feel different because of their heritage.

Carole C

Re: Just got my FootTrainers in

Suzanne D. on 1/18/04 at 07:27 (142302)

Frances and Carole, as I told my children at school Friday when they were really aghast at the thought of anyone being told they couldn't eat somewhere or use the same restaurant, etc. ~ if people want to feel like they are better than others and put them down, they will find SOME reason to do so. It's the attitude that must be corrected.

I told them that there are people who make fun of others because they are taller, shorter, thinner, bigger, older, younger, and so on...There's no end to it. I have heard the arguments that uniforms in school make that attitude go away, but I doubt it. Perhaps it might help in middle or high schools, but then I tend to think that there would be hair styles or jewelry or SOMETHING that would become the 'in thing', and if you didn't have it, you would be shunned. It's the attitude, I think...

I try to teach my young students to do their best always and be proud of their best, to not think of themselves as better than anyone, but not to think anyone is better than them. I like that line in the old movie, 'Oklahoma!' in which the aunt says, 'I don't say I'm no better than anybody else, but I'll be danged if I ain't jest as good!' :)

I do think we have made some progress in this area through the years, but that must not be taken for granted. Acceptance and respect must be taught to every child or they won't 'get it'. Or at least this is my humble opinion.

Suzanne :)

Re: Just got my FootTrainers in

Carole C in NOLA on 1/18/04 at 10:39 (142310)

What a beautiful post, Suzanne! I like that line from Oklahoma, too. :)

Carole C