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What a day

Posted by Joan r. on 1/16/04 at 22:23 (142242)

Today was soooo cold but I went out in hopes of getting help from my new orthopedic doctor. I filled out the thousand and one insurance papers and then they sent me out for x ray(which showed nothing), only to find out that the doctor is a hip and knee specialist. He told me he can only help me if my foot injury was recent. Since I have had PF for almost a year he felt I should see someone else. Boy I wanted to scream. So next week when I am over this cold and the weather is better I will venture out to find an Orthopedic doctor who 'specializes in foot injuries'. Oh well back to the drawing board. Joan r

Re: What a day

Bob G. on 1/16/04 at 22:53 (142245)

Hi Joan,

What if...

What if you kept getting the same run around...

Then you'd have to figure it out for yourself. Hey, alot of these doctors are no smarter than you...so why not do a little research on your own instead of depending on someone else? After all, you know you better, and as far as xrays go, my doctor spent less than one second on my xrays and sent me on the road to no pain...so go figure

BTW, you can research this website and find your own way, or you may need professional help. Good luck!

Re: What a day

Julie on 1/17/04 at 02:58 (142255)

Joan, I would strongly recommend that you see a podiatrist. An orthopaedic foot and ankle specialist has had one year of foot and ankle training; the podiatrist has had several (I forget how many!) There is a facility on this website where you can search for one in your area - there's also one called 'Rate your doctor' where you can read what people have said about the doctors they have seen.

Re: What a day

Kathy G on 1/17/04 at 09:05 (142260)


I can imagine how frustrated you are! I second Julie's opinion; see a Podiatrist. The Orthopedic surgeons just don't see enough PF to really get a handle on it.

Good luck and feel better!

Re: What a day

John H on 1/17/04 at 10:48 (142266)

Julie the training an Orthopedice Surgeon with a sub speciality and fellowship is very extensive. Four years of college, Four years of Medical School,One year of Internship, 4 years residency in your speciality one year for a fellowship in your sub speciality. There are very few Orthopedic (MD's) with a Fellowship in Foot and Ankle Surgery. We probably have 3-4 in a state of around 3 million..

1. Undergraduate. We'll start at college... Four years of undergraduate with one year of biology, two years of chemistry, and one year of physics.
2. The Medical College Admission Test. The MCAT is one day you'll be happy to have behind you. Four sections: biological sciences, physical sciences, verbal, and a written sample.
3. Medical School Applications. They come in two rounds, a preliminary and secondary, and follow with an interview if competitive. Entrance rates vary, but schools usually admit about 5-10% of applicants.
4. Medical School. Four years of medical school. The first two are classroom based, and the final two are hospital based. Graduate as an M.D.
5. National Board Exams. Two parts taken during medical school, one after 2nd year, the other after 3rd year. Each is one full day of testing on fundamental medical knowledge.
6. Residency Applications. Applications done in the fall before begining residency, the interviews are offered in the winter if you are going to be considered.
7. Match Day. This is the big day for medical students as everyone finds out at one time the result of their hard work and where they'll be for residency.
8. Internship. The first year of your residency is called an internship. The first day, July 1, is always a fun day to be around the hospital!
9. Residency. Four years of studying the fundamentals of orthopedic surgery. Rotate through the major subspecialties in several different hospitals to get good exposure.
10. Fellowship (optional). A one year fellowship in a sub-specialty is an option for orthopedic surgeons to focus on sports medicine, pediatric orthopedics, or other specialties.
11. That's it! Before you know it you'll be on your own.

Re: What a day

Julie on 1/17/04 at 12:54 (142281)

Informative, interesting post, John (are you an orthopaedic doctor?). Thanks - but it doesn't change my opinion that anyone with PF or other foot problems should see a podiatrist.

Re: What a day

John H on 1/17/04 at 14:49 (142284)

One major difference between an Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon (MD) and a Podiatrist is that very few Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surgeons will perform a plantar fascia release. None in my city including the major teaching hospitals will perform a release. If I were going to have a PF release I would have no problem with a Podiatrist performing the procedure and more than likely he/she would have more experience. One Podiatrist I visted said he had performed over 1000. If I were to need any major ankle surgery or tendon surgery I would select and Orthopedic MD specializing in that area. I would and did feel more comfortable with the Orthopedic MD performing the TTS surgery as you can do some major damage if you are not highly qualified when with this surgery. My incision is about 7' long and runs up well past my ankle bone. There are good and not so good Doctors in both areas but when it comes to training I do not think anyone would have more coming out of school than a Board Certified Foot and Ankle Surgeon. I use both types of Doctors depending on what my problem is. .

Re: What a day

Kathy G on 1/18/04 at 08:31 (142306)

Good explanation, John. And I totally agree. When I suffered a severe ankle sprain, I didn't even consider going to my Pod with it but instead went to see an Orthopedic surgeon, who specializes in foot and ankle injuries. But for my PF, I think my Pod knows way more about it.

No more posting today; I have to get ready for the big game! I've chosen something for dinner that I can make ahead of time. I have a couple of washes to do and I'll do those before it starts. This is it. Win this and we're on to the Super Bowl!

It's snowing here today. It's actually snowing harder down in Foxboro where the game is and some people consider that a good omen. Not me. I've been a Patriots fan for too long to take anything for granted. It's going to be tough to beat Peyton Manning and his well-oiled, healthy team. I'll be thinking of you watching it on your high definition TV!

Go Patriots!!!=D>

Re: What a day

John H on 1/18/04 at 10:17 (142309)

You must be special to get tickets to this game Kathy.

Re: What a day

John H on 1/18/04 at 18:31 (142322)

Big day at the game for you Kathy. Hope you could see through the fog and snow.

Re: What a day

Bob G. on 1/18/04 at 21:52 (142344)

It was snowing, the field was white, the fans were something else! Congrats to the Patriots, including Tom Jefferson, John Adams, and George Washington - thank you for a job well done!

Re: John H/john h

Julie on 1/19/04 at 02:08 (142352)

Kathy, your post to John made me wonder. Are we sure that John H is the same poster as john h? I've been assuming he isn't, because john h has always posted in all lower case, but maybe I'm wrong.

Will John H and john h please enlighten me?

Re: John H/john h

john h on 1/19/04 at 09:36 (142364)

Julie since my name is always autmatically filled in on a response as john h i know any response to a message will always be from john h.. When posting a new thread i could make a mistake i presume and have used John H but it would certainly be unintensional, I hope what ever post you all are refering to was in good taste?

Re: To either John H or john h

Kathy G on 1/20/04 at 14:31 (142456)

First of all, if it was you, John, all your posts are in good taste! Secondly, if it wasn't you, I welcome the new John H!

Now, to clear up a misconception, I didn't go to the game. I re-read my post and I can understand why that's what you thought but I guess I was just so excited that I was less coherent than usual! I meant that I would have everything done so that I'd be in place to watch the game from the warmth of my living room.

I never go to Patriot's games; even when I get an offer of a ticket which isn't all that often. I want to be able to see the game and even though they say that Gillette Stadium is great, if you're far away, you just don't get to see the plays. And of course, if it's cold and snowy, no way in the world I'd sit out to watch a football game. I love football but I'm not insane!

My son, on the other hand, was at the playoff game two years ago when it was snowing and blowing like crazy. He thought it was wonderful and was actually standing right in at the end zone when Adam Viniateri kicked the game winning field goal. He was next to some ESPN commentator when it happened but I can't remember who it was. People actually went home before that game was over and he had his choice of seats.

Sorry to have misled you!

Re: John H/john h

Julie on 1/24/04 at 12:38 (142782)

John (john) I've been puzzling over your response to my question for days and am still mystified. DID YOU OR DID YOU NOT MAKE POSTS UNDER THE NAME OF John H. Am I right, or am I wrong, to wonder if John H and john h are different posters?

(nb Nancy thinks John H and john h are the same person.)

Please help!

Re: John H/john h

john h on 1/24/04 at 15:08 (142786)

Julie: I do not know if I posted under John H. If I did it was un intentional. What ever the post was I hope it was nice.

Re: John H/john h

Julie on 1/24/04 at 16:24 (142788)

I've solved it. I've done a search on John H and come up with lots of recent posts made by John H and john h. It's clear from them that you two are the same person: John H knows things about three-strip taping and flesh-coloured Leuko tape that only john h could know. I should have twigged before now, but what foxed me was that after years of reading all lower-case posts from you, there were suddenly some posts in which you'd apparently discovered the shift key. So I really did think there was a new poster.

All the posts were very nice, whether by John H or john h. :)