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Achilles Tendinitis (AT) -- will Night Splint help?

Posted by Shel T. on 1/18/04 at 11:33 (142311)

BACKGROUND: I am a 76 year old 132 pound 5'5' physically active male - downhill skiing, tennis, running, swimming, weight training. Achilles Tendinitis (AT) left ankle occured June 2002 -- I use buffered aspirin, ice, and stetches daily. Stopped running on roads and tennis right away. Continued to ski: 1-2hour limit 2002-2003. I have been under the care of and 'orthopod' who said rupture is a possibility and surgery is surest therapy. August 2003 cast and crutches for one month (this was successful for AT in right ankle 4 years before)-- no pain this time but not for long. Since Sept. 2003 walked on treadmill, swam laps, and moderate weight trainin (3x/wk)-- using AT AIRCAST. Skiing in Dec. first day 1 hour limit -- 10 days latter after inserting heel lifts skied 2.5 hours limit before pain. I no longer ski fast or on ice, bumps, and ungroomed snow -- I like powder and moderate steepness. Tenderness and lump at site remain -- I continue to use buffered aspirin, ice, and stretshes.

QUESTION: Will Night Splint help? I welcome any help.

Thanks for help.

(email removed) 01/18/04

Re: Achilles Tendinitis (AT) --tenderness and lump -- Will Night Splint help?

Dr. Zuckerman on 1/18/04 at 17:26 (142320)

When is the pain? Do you limp or have pain after sitting for any length of time of sitting? Is the pain at the insertion or in the lower leg?

Re: Achilles Tendinitis (AT) --tenderness and lump -- Will Night Splint help?

john h on 1/19/04 at 09:30 (142363)

Shel some years ago I had a sever case of achilles tendonitis probably from a lot of uphill running. I developed a lump on the back of my achilles tendon as large as a big marble. The sports medicine doctor sent me to physical thearapy for about 2-3 weeks. The regimen consisted of a hot whirlpool to loosen up the tendon and then abut 25 minutes of very painful massage. The thearapist was a big guy with very strong hands and he massaged so hard until I wanted to screem. After this I did some minor stretching of the tendon on an incline board and I think followed by ice. This went on ever day 5 days a week. It hurt but it cured the problem.I could barely walk and limped prior to my treatment.I have always had tight calf muscles and that coupled with uphill runs surely caused the problem. It did not happen slowly as I clearly rember the exact step when it happened. Similarly when playing basketball i heard a pop and felt what I thought was a handball hit the back of my calf. I looked around and did not see anything and continued to play. In about 10 minutes the pain began and within two hours I was not sure I could drive home. It took well over a month of thearpy to cure this. I was leaving for VietNam the next week and departed the states on crutches. Sort of looked like I was coming rather than going.