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stepped on cast ouch!!!

Posted by jen on 1/20/04 at 22:34 (142498)

well 3 weeks into my cast and crutches, i tried to walk on my cast(its driving me nuts not walking) and the foot immedietly hurt very bad! my dr did say 6 weeks non weight then a fw more weight bearing in cast, i just cant see how i will be weight bearing in 3 weeks with the pain i got today. my new cast is much better then first one in that it covers my toes up to the toenails so i really cant move any thing. dr did say that i could easily be 12+ weeks casted for my stress fractures to heal, but the good thing is that my PF should be totally healed up when cast is removed.
any one else go this long in a cast?? i just wnat to walk!!!

Re: stepped on cast ouch!!!

sammy p on 1/21/04 at 07:05 (142518)

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