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Posted by Rachael T. on 1/21/04 at 11:03 (142540)

Hi to the oldies at this site who know me....esp. Steve G. & Suzanne! I am still wintering in the sun in
Fla. I am not rubbing it in - just reminding those who may have not seen me post of late...I will be here till March. Anyway, I am doing 'much better!' My pf is really doing alot better right now. I began wearing
Dr. K's sdo orth. on 12/20th & now, after a month's wearing - I am still doing good. I am hopeful that DR. K sees this msg. too - as I don't have a pc (no emails) here & am at the library sometimes...like now, in order to post this msg. & visit heelspurs.com. I continue to wear the SDOs with my Brooks Ariels aaaaall day. I am biking alot each day! - I also swim again & yes, I rode a horse down here the other day & will do so weekly till we return to the 'cold north'! I have not taken up walking yet asa a routine - but w/ my everyday walking, beaching {in my Birks,} shopping a little, & such; my feet are doing good. I've no swelling, no soreness,
& I am not taking ibup. presently - only doing 10mg amniotryptyline. I hope this continues.

Re: SDOs

Steve G on 1/21/04 at 18:45 (142575)

Great new, Rachael! I hope you continue to improve. I, too, am much better than I was a year ago. I went to the video store yesterday and spent about 20 minutes walking around and leisurely looking through their stock of films. 2 years ago, I could not have stood for more than a minute of two.

I wear both my Brooks and my NBs. My feet also feel more normal than they have in a long time. They feel lighter and less stiff. Hope you continue to have a great time down south.

Re: SDOs

Suzanne D. on 1/22/04 at 10:57 (142632)

Rachael, it is good to hear from you! I've been thinking of you since you've been gone. How nice to relax in the warmth of Florida and give your feet (and the rest of you!) a nice break.

I'm glad to read that your feet are doing better. I hope this continues!

Have a great rest of your vacation.
Suzanne :)