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Posted by Rachael T. on 1/23/04 at 12:59 (142727)

I read the frezy of posts of late as I sit here at the library's pc & only wish to add - that Dr. K's SDO inserts are helping me presently....I tried them a year or so ago & had no luck with them, or so I thought. I returned them & he credited my charge card....NOW, that is truly more than any other 'over the counter' insert sale has done & it is also Much More than my pod's treatment of my orthotics misfit. I can say though, that I've worn them for 1 month - & Dr. K has been more than helpful. I shall continue to wear them - unless they 'fail me' -- & at this point, I'd like to 'think' that I am manageing my pf like I've not ever done to this point. I am not taking any ibup. pills & for the past 3 years - I have taken 2400mg. ibup. on most days!! I only take 10mg amniotryptyline at night & I am swimming, riding a horse, & biking ALOT...I have only NOT added walking to my exercise routine....but I do alot of 'day walking' w/ just my usual living - so I think I am improving. But, my main comment here - is that Dr. K has been helpful & honest - even accepting my orth. last year for refund of money....that is a good thing!

Re: SDOs

Nan D on 1/23/04 at 14:34 (142734)

Rachel, I've had the same positive experience with the SDO's as you have had. I've been wearing mine for 1 year now this month and have gone from a 10+ pain level down to a 1-2 pain level, depending on how much I walk. If I don't walk a lot, I have no pain. Prior to getting the SDO's, I had gone to several Pod's with none refunding a dime on any service or orthotic, PLUS absolutely no pain relief either. Thank goodness for this wonderful product!