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yoga stretches

Posted by rekha on 1/23/04 at 14:43 (142736)

can anyone tell me how to access Julie's Yoga stretches for PF. I want to work on strengthening leg area. I have PF


Re: yoga stretches

Julie on 1/23/04 at 15:35 (142741)

Hi Rekha

Just click on the word yoga and you'll be taken to them.

Re: yoga stretches

rekha on 1/23/04 at 15:37 (142742)

thanks Julie for your prompt reply. I have been trying to locate these stretches via the search engine..but came up empty.



Pete R on 1/25/04 at 14:09 (142816)

Forgive my ignorance in the 'toe bending' you say extend the heel forward. Does this mean bring the toes forward toward you ?


Julie on 1/25/04 at 14:54 (142817)

Yes, that's right (though I would put it 'bring the toes back towards you'. :)

In response to your other post, Pete, don't give up, and don't accept that 'this is how it will always be'. That may change. Something is obviously 'wrong', whatever the MRI shows, and some day you will find out what that something is.

If it IS a biomechanical problem, perhaps the 10th set of orthotics will provide the answer.


Rose on 1/27/04 at 16:34 (142980)

Yes, these stretches are wonderful....