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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Poll Numbness Always invlolved?w

Posted by edgar on 1/23/04 at 18:13 (142754)

I Would like to ask people of there main symptoms besides pain. Anyone just have isolated inner ankle pain but no numbness or tingling? Where does the nubness occur the toes? or the bottom of foot. Thank you

Re: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Poll Numbness Always invlolved?w

lara on 1/23/04 at 21:18 (142765)

I have had no numbness, no ankle pain, no tingling and no Tinel's sign. However I did have a positive NCV test so it's TTS. My primary symptom was/is a burning sensation on the bottom of my feet (the degree varies from faily mild and easily tolerate to so uncomfortable I would crawl around the floor). At its very worst, I had undifferentiated pain on the top of my foot on the first few steps after resting (for a few minutes or a few hours). If I had gotten to someone who knew TTS earlier, I probably would never have discovered the pain on the top of my foot. I was told I described fairly typical nerve pain.

Re: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Poll Numbness Always invlolved?w

bluestella on 1/24/04 at 23:42 (142799)

I have had nothing but pain and numbness!! I have numbness all through my ankle area.. But the worse part is my heel. I have had no feeling there since feb of 2002!! Almost a year i had tts release in may 2003 and still no relief. I am taking pain killers like candy and have been denied now medical treatment!

Re: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Poll Numbness Always invlolved?w

kristi o. on 1/25/04 at 00:46 (142800)

My experience: I had strictly numbness and tingling (exactly like my foot was asleep) mainly on the bottom of my foot, and that was painful. It was pretty much constant. When someone tapped on my inner ankle (Tinel's) the same pain got worse (like a shock or something).

Re: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Poll Numbness Always invlolved?w

marie on 1/25/04 at 18:37 (142830)

Numbness: meta-tarsals both feet, ankles, and thighs. Don't know why I had numbness in my thighs but at it's worst my thighs were numb. I suppose the entraped nerve affected more than my feet.


Re: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Poll Numbness Always invlolved?w

Ricky J. on 1/26/04 at 09:01 (142858)

I have bilateral TTS with numbness, and burning in both feet. My toes on the foot I had surgery on have curled up so bad that they don't even touch the floor while standing straight up. My muscles in my arches have decreased, leaving me with very high arches. I have very little touch sensation in my feet. When I step into the bath tub I can't tell if the water is hot or cold with my feet. I shoved a needle deep into the ball of my foot to demonstrate to my wife how dead my feet are. She has a hard time understanding my pain, sense there is no visble signs of ingury to my feet. Besides the pain, the depression from being in pain so long makes me wonder how long I can keep on living like this. Then there is the pain that back cast in to my calves. My calves area are sore and cramp up in the mornings to wake me.

Re: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Poll Numbness Always invlolved?w

Mona on 1/26/04 at 17:06 (142883)

I'm so sorry about the pain you have from the TTS surgery. How long ago did you have the surgery? Can they operate again? What are you taking for the depression?

I also had TTS surgery five weeks ago. I have also been depressed with the pain/surgery etc. etc. My doctor put me an anti-depressant and that has helped. I'm now walking with one crutch, the scar has healed but I wake up every three hours at night with aching feet. I'm receiving Physical Therapy. (I had to really almost beg to get the referal from my doctor, though)

I hope you get some relief soon.

Re: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Poll Numbness Always invlolved?w

lauriel on 1/26/04 at 18:05 (142891)

Mona - glad to hear you are doing PT. I had toask too after i had my TTS surgery and it was a life saver

Edgar, as for my symptoms, my only sympstoms wree like I was being prodded with electric shock on the inside of my ankle when I tried to walk, which was intermittant. I did not have any numbness


Re: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Poll Numbness Always invlolved?w

Don S. on 1/26/04 at 19:38 (142896)

I too have numbness in both my feet. Not much feeling. Try taking Neurontin. It worked for me but somedays I still have to soak my feet in cold water.

Re: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Poll Numbness Always invlolved?w

Ricky J. on 1/27/04 at 12:49 (142958)

I had surgery just over a year ago. At the time of my surgery I was already in the RSD state. My doctor didn't really understand how much pain I was in before the TTS surgery. About two months after surgery I called the doctor's office and told them I needed something to ease this relentless pain, that something had to be done now because I was at the end of my rope. The nurse said that they could not prescribe anymore hydrocodone to me any more. I said that it was not helping with the pain anyway. So the next day I went in for nerve blocks in the lower back, I recieved six of them in nine days to get me out of the RSD mode. This treatment saved me. The TTS pain is still with me. The Doc said it will probally be 2 years from surgery before things start getting noticably better. I was up to 2700mg of Neurontin and 100mg of elavil a day this summer, now I am down to 1800mg of neurontin and 50mg of elavil a day. I have also resulted to drinking several 120z bud light pain capsuls a day to help me deal with the pain.

Re: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Poll Numbness Always invlolved?w

Mona on 1/27/04 at 13:51 (142962)


You might be interested in several things that have helped me along with my pain from TTS. ne is an antidepressent! This is a very emotional journey no one understands unless they have it! Don't get discouraged. The others are a book called Your Maximum Mind by Herbert Benson, MD. The other is a CD called Healing Journey by Emmett Miller. Both are helpful. Also Yoga is helpful.

Good luck . . .we are all thinking of you. I had my surgery 6 weeks ago and looks like I have a LONG way to go.

Re: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Poll Numbness Always invlolved?w

Mona on 1/27/04 at 13:53 (142963)

I also meant to mention that ice (soft pack) helps me the most when the pain is bad -- especially at night. It seems to settle my feet down.

Re: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Poll Numbness Always invlolved?w

Terri on 1/27/04 at 20:46 (142996)

I've never had any numbness until after my surgery. My dr told me I'd have a permanent numb spot on my heel after releasing the nerve there and I do. Feels real weird! I also have bilateral (both feet) TTS. Main symptoms is the walking on glass feeling I've seen others describe. If I keep off my feet, usually no problems, but then the cramps hit day or night whether or not I've been on my feet too long. Haven't been able to arch my foot, wear heels of any kind or run for a very long time now. No foot massage or cold tolerance either. Basically, as long as I keep my feet stiff I'm ok for short periods. Any idea how that makes you walk?? Like a stick up....you know! :-)

Just had surgery on the 2nd. I'm putting about 50% weight on the foot already, do much better when my 'moon' boot is on. PT starts next week. I had no problem getting that from my dr, he told me it was going to happen before I even had the surgery and has me doing some mild exercises now. He's been great, doesn't mess around and tells you like it is, as well as sees that I'm taken care of. He put me on neurontin twice a day (I'm supposed to take 2 at night, but don't)and B6 and B12. I also take 1000mg of E every day as it's great for nerve and muscle tissue. My biggest improvement is the cramping has almost disappeared! If any of you live in the Columbus, OH area I'd be more than happy to give you his name.

Ricky, I know what you mean about the 12oz. therapy, but be very careful. That also contributes to depression. I was doing the same for too long and now only have 1 or 2 a night. I started by making myself wait until 9:00 at night. By the time I finish one, it's already time for bed, and if I decide I want another, I take it and a book to bed with me. Before I know it, I'm sound asleep. My chiropractor recommended wine but it gives me a headache so I stuck with the hops instead. It also helps in relaxing your muscles and is better than popping more pills.

Sorry, didn't mean to turn this into a book but I'm still very new to this site and excited to find all of you out there to share with! Good luck to all of you!

Re: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome To Ricky J

Terry L on 1/28/04 at 16:39 (143102)

You have been very fortunate if got got out of the RSD mode as you put it, I haven't been that lucky. I'm going in to get a block on my good side I think there's a good chance my RSD has spread. I really like to hear story's like yours it gives me hope that it can happen.
Good luck I hope your out of the woods.