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Anywears shoes cured me!

Posted by Lisa G on 1/25/04 at 04:01 (142804)


Anywears shoes were recommended to me by a person whose plantar fasciitis pain resolved after wearing them for a year.

I had plantar fasciitis in both feet and a heel spur in one foot, with severe pain for 2 years.

I wore the Anywears for a year straight and was suddenly pain-free. It's been more than a year and I'm still pain free, with no other interventions! (Cortisone shots worked short-term but hurt like &*$#, night splints did nothing for me, and I couldn't afford custom orthotics.) I have no affiliation with Anywears but I wanted to let y'all know about them.

Take care

Re: Anywears shoes cured me!

Diane B on 1/25/04 at 10:59 (142811)

Lisa G
Where can you find these shoes?

Re: Anywears shoes cured me!

Lisa G on 1/25/04 at 12:49 (142814)


http://www.anywears.com is their online store. I am referring specifically to the original design you see in the left-hand column towards the bottom--a molded one-piece rubber clog with bumps on the bottom. They won't win any beauty contests, but I have grown to like the way they look. (If they fix your feet, who cares what they look like?!) And they are SO bouncy and soft to walk on. From the beginning, I'd hobble over to them in the morning, slip them on, and not feel my foot pain any more, pretty much all day... though the pain that I felt when NOT wearing them took about a year and two months to completely go away, and that was with wearing them religiously.

I have not tried any of their newer models--the leather or felt ones. They'd have to have the same bumps on the sole for me to trust that they would work. Also, please note that if you're between sizes, definitely lean toward the larger size. They don't stretch since they're one-piece rubber. I wear a women's size 11 but I ordered a mens' S/M instead of a ladies' XL--my toes fit into them better. If you order them online, try them on over a rug; you can exchange them via mail if they're unmarked.

I went to a party a few months ago at which everyone left their shoes outside, and I left mine right by the back door. Everyone who went outside on the back porch slipped on my Anywears to go outside... people kept coming in saying 'Whose shoes are these? They are the most comfortable shoes I've ever felt!' It was great. :-)

Guess I'll go write a testimonial on their website now--I didn't realize I'd become such a fervent fan! :-)


Re: Anywears shoes cured me!

Pauline on 1/25/04 at 16:56 (142824)

It looks like they are having a sale. Since they are waterproof, perhaps if you can pick them up on sale they might also serve as shower shoes.

I know we get posters who ask about shower and beach shoes. This might also be the perfect answer for them besides daily wear.

Lisa one question. Since the shoe is a made from rubber how do you feet feel in them with changes in temperature. Are the hot in the summer and cold in the winter?

Re: Anywears shoes cured me!

Lisa G on 1/25/04 at 17:09 (142825)

Hi Pauline! I live on the west coast, so temperatures are not too extreme here, but I do tend to get hot/sweaty feet, and yes these shoes encourage that. They have side vent holes, so it's not uncomfortable, but they do get funky after a while. I ordered 3 sets of insoles, which are washable, so I rotate the insoles & wash them every once in a while, and the shoes are of course completely washable. I manage to keep fresh that way. :-)

Thanks for asking, that was a good point that I failed to remember to make.

But yes, shower shoes, beach shoes, gardening shoes... these are great for all those things. I know a lot of nurses wear them also, as they're akin to Birkis with respect to fluids and spills and that sort of thing. I can't wear Birkenstock products anymore, my arches/insteps are WAY too high (only my heel and foot ball touch the ground) so I get PF. I need something soft that squishes up into my arch. These shoes are great for people like that.


Re: Anywears shoes cured me!

Mary R. on 1/28/04 at 14:09 (143067)

Hi Lisa-
Thanks for your high praise of these shoes! I ordered a pair from their 'grab bag' to try them out! hopefully they are the type of shoes I can wear indoors and be comfortable in!

Can you wear orthotics in them? Do you know?

Mary :)

Re: Anywears shoes cured me!

Lisa G on 1/28/04 at 14:57 (143079)

Hi Mary! I don't know if you can use orthotics with them--I actually doubt it, since they are flexible and clog-like, and the benefit of wearing them is that same flexibility and bounciness. But I do hope they are helpful to you. Let me know what you think!