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How far can you walk / stand ?

Posted by Pete R on 1/25/04 at 14:06 (142815)

Had pain in arch and heel for 3 years now and have tried everything..eswt x 2, 9 sets of orthotics, stretching, taping, shots etc. X rays and MRI scans have proved nothing is wrong. Have seen a variety of consultants and I think the latest consensus is not PF but a bio mechanical problem. I have no morning pain.

I walked yesterday for 45 mins without pain, although my feet are sore today so I don't think I could repeat this. Having tried pretty much everything and spent countless amounts of money, it occurred to me just when I should accept that pretty much nothing else will improve the pain and that maybe 45 mins wasn't too bad. I'm not giving up but more like accepting this is what its always going to be like. ( I would point out that i couldn't possibly stand for 45 mins more like 10 mins.)

So as a comparison how long can you all walk pain free ?

Re: How far can you walk / stand ?

Dr. Zuckerman on 1/25/04 at 15:04 (142818)

Read about RFL . Use the search engine

Re: How far can you walk / stand ?

Kathy G on 1/26/04 at 09:07 (142859)

Dr. Z is right that there's one more option to explore, Pete, but I couldn't take a forty-five minute walk without a great deal of pain. My pain is primarily in my arches although I do have some heel pain. I seldom have morning pain. My PF is atypical but still considered to be PF.

You don't mention orthotics. Do you have them? Have you gone to a podiatrist because I would think good orthotics could help to ease bio mechanical pain.

Are you walking for exercise? Perhaps you could change to a twenty minute walk, maybe every other day, and get by with almost no pain. That would be a start.

As for standing, many days I have trouble standing for more than ten minutes in a market check-out line. Standing is the very worst thing for people with PF.

Good luck!

Re: How far can you walk / stand ? and a correction to my above post

Kathy G on 1/26/04 at 09:12 (142860)

Good grief, if I would read a little more carefully, I wouldn't make such dumb mistakes. You said that you have tried about nine pairs of orthotics! My apologies for my suggestion; I doubt a tenth pair would help and you're going broke!

I have no advice for you except to say that over the last four years, my PF has improved. Some days my feet aren't bad at all and when I overdo it, they take less time to bounce back. Some days they are terrible and I can't always pinpoint the reason. I continue to swear by Julie's yoga stretches and my orthotics and Asics shoes.

Don't give up hope, Pete!

Re: How far can you walk / stand ?

CarlW on 1/26/04 at 13:20 (142873)

Hi Pete,

Your history and treatment methodology sounds very similar to mine.
My 'cruising range' was about 25 minutes after close to 4 year. Standing time was also substantially less. My foot appeared normal and I had no obvious biomechanical problems, although I had tried various orthotics with minimal/no improvement.

I had tried everything and I mean everthing, being a lurker/occasioal poster on this board for almost 4 years you get the feeling you have seen/heard it all , including ESWT so I considered the risks and had surgery (open) on November 17th, 2003.

I was also an atypical presenter (no morning pain) . The interesting thing was that when my foot was opened up my doctor said I had a large inflamed and thickened fascia which he released @ 100% and also removed a portion of the swollen fascia. I know the surgery sounds radical but it was of his opinion (he is supposed to be the best orthopediac surgeron in our city) that it provided the greatest chance of a significant improvement, although the recovery time is slow and complications were potentially higher.

It is too early to tell if the sugery was successfull. 2 months out I am starting to become more mobile but am still behind where I was pre surgery. I have noticed improvement week to week and have really only been weight bearing for about 3 weeks.

I am keeping my fingers/toes crossed.


Re: How far can you walk / stand ?

John K on 1/26/04 at 16:28 (142879)

Yeah, maybe 20 minutes every day or every other day for exercise if it did not hurt. I wish I could do that. Now I know losing weight will lessen pain from my atypical PF. When you can't get around it is hard to lose weight but it can be done. Ten years ago I could walk much longer with little pain but I weighed much less and I was ten years younger. I wonder if Pf gets worse with age. I am 54 now and my PF is much worse.


Pete R on 1/27/04 at 03:45 (142924)

Please keep me posted how you get on over the next few months.

I must admit there are times when I'm tempted to have surgery myself but two consultants I trust, one is a pod the other a surgeon, have told me not too since I don't really have all the classic PF symptoms. i.e no morning pain nor pain too the touch unless I've been walking and the fascia feels tight to the touch.

Good luck

Re: How far can you walk / stand ?

monte on 1/27/04 at 08:03 (142936)

All of your symptoms sound like mine. No real morning pain....but pain in the arches. I do have some pain spots in the heels too. I have tried everything too and spent alot of money that I don't have. I have been wearing orthotics for a few months and will stick with them to see if they make a big difference after 12 months.
I cannot stand very long either. That is why I am so scared to start my new commute via bus. I am nervous about standing at the bus stops.
I never really walk too far..but I may try to start a walking routine when it gets warmer.
BUT....I want to tell you what did helps me....RFL treatments. It numbs/kills the tiny nerve endings that pickup the pain in those hot spots.
I does help me to stand a little longer. But the pains in the arches is still limiting.

I may get there one day...who knows. I am still aware that I have PF even though the RFL makes it easier to deal with ....it is like a pain pill.

Hope this helps

Re: How far can you walk / stand ?

Pauline on 1/27/04 at 09:05 (142947)

Here's one more thing to try if you haven't tried this, cut your sugar intake and increase your Vit. B 12 and see if you notice any difference. It may sound nuts, but I think it's worth a try.

I'm not diabetic, but I think sugar affects my feet besides my waistline. I added the B 12 because it's suppose to help nerves.

My thinking was cutting sugar surely wouldn't hurt me nor would adding an additional 500 mcg. of B.12.

See if you notice any difference in pain level after a month. Sort of a test trial with me.

Re: How far can you walk / stand ?

Carole C in NOLA on 1/27/04 at 13:20 (142961)

I can stand for as long as I ever could, maybe 30-45 minutes. If haven't walked for 45 minutes straight, yet. When I walk for my health, it's usually more like 20 minutes briskly around the neighborhood. If I go to a mall for very long, I take breaks and sit on the benches now and then. I have no problem going to 2-3 large stores like Wal-Mart or Home Depot, these days.

After having PF, I think we need to gradually increase what we do. I'm still working on that, myself. I would suggest starting with walks that are short enough that you do not feel pain from them in the following days. Then keep those up, and gradually increase but not to the point that you feel pain later.

Hope this helps.

Carole C

Re: How far can you walk / stand ?

Rose on 1/27/04 at 15:48 (142972)

I had open release surgery July 1. I can stand maybe 5 minutes before it starts hurting. I can walk sometimes 15 minutes before it hurts, other Times longer or shorter. What is so interesting to me is that I have developed more pain in the last several months,and now it starts hurting in the arch when I sit down or get into bed.Sometimes I have severe first step pain and sometimes none at all. I have tried wearing the boot to bed and this makes it a lot better. Has anyone else experienced that? rIGHT NOW I am about where I was before the surgery or maybe a little better. I sure hope the pain is gone by the year mark? I have just started a round of physical therapy, and my therapist wants me to use a cain to take some of the weight off the foot.It is very hard to walk with the cane for me and I fi nd it easier to use forearm crutches. But I sure don't want to become dependent on them. Oh joy... I welcome your comments

Re: How far can you walk / stand ?

Carole C in NOLA on 1/27/04 at 19:13 (142991)

Very few of those posting here have had open release surgery, since most of us seem to opt instead for conservative treatments. You might also want to ask on the Foot Surgery part of the message board because more people over there have been through the same kind of surgery. So, they would know more of what to tell you about your convalescence.

One thing I can say is that I'm sorry that after nearly 7 months you are only about where you were before the surgery. I hope that your recovery from here on out is rapid and uneventful.

Carole C

Re: How far can you walk / stand ?

Rose on 1/27/04 at 23:47 (143014)

Thanks so much.

Re: How far can you walk / stand ?

anne on 1/28/04 at 03:59 (143019)

I can walk about 20 minutes before discomfort, 30 minutes before pain and at 50 minutes I really want to sit down again! standing is about 15 minutes. once I went shopping for 5 hours (god I miss shopping!) but that was with lots of sitting inbetween and lots of pain the next day! i figured out a way for me to take my dog for a 'walk' (another thing I miss!)...I just drive her to the park and we get out there!

Re: How far can you walk / stand ?

john h on 1/28/04 at 10:35 (143041)

Rose: Do you use an orthotic? Do you wear supportive shoes such as New Balance? I had open surgery,TTS surgery, and a cheilectomy all at the same time. After 2 weeks I was off the crutches and back to walking. My PF was not cured but I was certainly no worse and perhaps a bit better. These things take time - a lot of time. I was never prescribed physical thearapy. How long has it been since surgery?

Re: How far can you walk / stand ?

Rose on 1/28/04 at 14:18 (143070)

I had the surgery July 1. I had surgery on both feet at once, so I was in the wheel chair for a month, and then in the boot for a long time. I lost much muscle tone in the right leg and still have a very weak leg which causes me to fall occasionally.I am now in physical therapy for that and the foot. The other foot was a neuroma. It healed in about 6 weeks. I have had very good orthodics for two years and they help a lot. The only shoes I have worn for the past two or more years is New Balance, Sas for dress (tie old ladies ones) and birks around the house occasionally. I just started physical therapy last week for the foot and I am hopeing it will help. I am taking no pain medication though.

Re: How far can you walk / stand ?

monte on 2/06/04 at 14:12 (143792)

Pauline...I am sorry to be answering you after so long...I somehow missed this.

I would be will to try it...it can't hurt any.

I am actually going for another round of RFL with Dr Cozz to try to get more relief.

How are you doing?