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still looking for a diagnosis

Posted by Debbie G. on 1/25/04 at 23:17 (142843)

Tammie, Thank you for your kind words and information. My daughter has two doctor's apps. tomorrow. Maybe we will get some answers then. She is not doing any weight bearing on the foot. It is too painful. (this whole thing started on 10/23/03 when she woke up with a red circle on the top of the foot. Later that day, the entire bottom of the foot turned deep purple which looked like bleeding under the skin. We had all kinds of diagnoses from broken toe, spider bite, metatarsal stress fracture, shingles, and Lyme. Each was eliminated until we got to TTS. One ortho said it was RDS, the next ortho said it wasn't). PT got too agressive over the nerve and the doctor told her to stop it. We'll see what the neurologist has to say. I'll keep you posted. Good luck and good health to you and all who read this site. Debbie G.

Re: still looking for a diagnosis

Tammie on 1/26/04 at 06:26 (142851)

Good Morning, I wonder have you posted this at the Dr. Question board? We have Dr. Z here and he was so very helpful to me! Maybe he has some advice? Some of your pain management Dr.s are Neurologist,Or Anesthesia Dr.s. Also it was a ortho and a family Dr. who hit right away pretty much with the RSD dx and they advised me to get in quickly to a pain management right away as they were the best to treat me. I seen a couple of them to before I got sent to the one I see now,He is the one who put in the spinal stimulator which my last pain Dr. wanted me to try it.

It sure sounds interesting symtoms, to bad sharon or elliott is not around as they are really pretty good knowing alot about this. There are many here who also know that is why maybe try post over on Dr. board.I know there are some color changes and all sorts of things that Can be things related to RSD but until someone figures out what is going on it is very scary wondering if you will walk without pain again.I really understand so tell her keep her chin up ask lots of questions and take someone with her to help her in case she forgets or gets nervous and cant get out her questions it is very helpful. I ended up taking a tape recorder, the Dr. looked at me funny I told him nicely I forget and get things messed up easy, and he had no problem! Then I had alot to compare. Good Luck again!