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To Wendyn

Posted by Kathy G on 1/26/04 at 09:00 (142857)


Has your husband been to see the doctor yet? How is he doing?

Re: To Wendyn

wendyn on 1/26/04 at 17:20 (142884)

No Kathy - we go on Wednesday morning. He's doing pretty good - but the stress level in our house has gone up quite a bit over the last couple days.

Re: To Wendyn

Suzanne D. on 1/26/04 at 20:22 (142905)

Your family is in my thoughts and prayers, Wendy. [-o<

Take care,
Suzanne :)

Re: To Wendyn

wendyn on 1/26/04 at 22:22 (142913)

Thanks Suzanne and Kathy.

Re: To Wendyn

wendyn on 1/26/04 at 23:24 (142917)

Oh - and I'm sorry, thank you to everyone who has emailed me privately...Carmen, Caryn, Judy, John, Julie - and whoever else I have forgotten. I am behind in my email (as usual) but I do appreciate the mail and thoughts.