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Cold Laser Treatment for TTS?

Posted by Don S. on 1/26/04 at 19:53 (142899)

I have bilateral TTS. Was diagnosed about two and a half years ago. I keep the pain pretty well in check using neurontin, 300mg capsules, 2100 mg daily. Our local TV news program recently ran a short segment on cold laser treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a noninvasive treatment used by a chiropractor in Florida. A laser is focused on points in the wrist, 3 times for 33 seconds each. Patients can't feel the laser but were amazed by the results. Studies show it works in 80% of patients. If it doesn't work within three treatments, it's not going to work. I made contact through the web site: http://www.mrschiro.com and asked if it had been used on TTS and was referred to users of the laser here in NY but everyone using it is in or around NYC and that does no good when you're 300 miles away. I was wondering if any foot doctors had heard of this cold laser treatment for TTS?