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calling any doctor!:(

Posted by ehren on 1/27/04 at 15:32 (142970)

brief history: laminectomy in sept. 02
full recovery from that, back to full activity.
plantar fascitis diagnosed in june 03
never really got better, but the acute, morning pain, and the pain to the touch (pressure on the PF point) went away until finally it felt like something quite different.
currently, i have burning pain in BOTH feet, rising into the calves and thighs, occasional back pain as well, though the back pain usually goes as quick as it comes. the foot pain is more constant.
i have been to two neurologists. one diagnosed it as TTS after an EMG/NCS.

everyone, from an orthopedic, to the two neurologists to a neurosurgeon has said that my back looks fine, based on the MRI.
all blood tests have been negative.

what is this? it seems to be getting worse. im worried about CRPS.
im 26 and have spent my whole life beign very very active. after the PF diagnosis, i quit a lot of things due to the pain, but now, i keep eliminating more and more things. i missed grad school class for the first time recently due to the pain. i just cant take it anymore, and there is no firm diagnosis ( the 2nd neurologist somehow wasnt convinced it was TTS)
i understand CRPS can come about due to just about anything. i dont have any swelling or discoloration. the only thing i can say that is constant is the pain. often burning, like acid, a mini-pulsing type feeling in the feet, a relapse of spasming/fibrulations in my left quad/leg (like before and immediately after surgery), a feeling that there is no flesh on my feet, etc, etc.
i worry sometimes about my back, but everyone seems to think that the back wouldnt cause such things.

at this point, because its always painful, and no one seems to know what it is, i worry about just about everything. this is very unlike me.

help, please!:(

Re: calling any doctor!:(

Dr. Z on 1/28/04 at 22:54 (143142)


This could be RSD. See a pain managment specialist. An epidural injection would could be helpful. This can help to diagnosis RSD and treat the RSD.
Do this ASAP