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My insurance covered Eswt

Posted by Lauren on 1/27/04 at 15:41 (142971)

I want to tell anyone who has been told insurance won't cover ESWT that I am living proof of it!! I have Cigna PPO and had the Sonocur treatment was 100% covered on the right foot. The Ossitron was used on the left foot and was covered at 50%. The Doctors I used for the right foot was Dr. Richard Bachrach who is an Ossteopath IN NYC and the Doc I used for the left foot is Dr. Peter Wishney in Piscataway, NJ. I used two different doctors to try two different forms of treatment. I had better and quicker results with the Ossitron. The foot done with that machine was post PF/Heal spur removal surgery and it worked like a charm after 6 months!!Any questions on how I got reimbursed, just email me.

Re: My insurance covered Eswt

Dr. Z on 1/27/04 at 18:55 (142988)

I am confused. Let me see if I have this right
left foot ossatron
Right foot Dornier
Which foot had the sonocur ? Which foot had heel spur/pf release?
The way I understand this is you had the sonocur first, then foot surgery then the dornier and all of this was on the right foot. Do I have this right?

Re: My insurance covered Eswt

Jen L on 1/27/04 at 20:58 (142999)

If I am allowed to try again, Dr.Z:

Her right foot: treated with Sonocur by Dr. Bachrach in NYC, Insurance coverage: 100%;
Her left foot: treated with Dornie by Dr.Wishnie in NJ, insurance coverage: 50%; the left foot had surgery before ESWT.

Both of Sonocur and Dornie are successful.

Re: My insurance covered Eswt

Dr. Z on 1/27/04 at 21:23 (143005)

That makes sense. Where does the ossatron come into play??

Re: My insurance covered Eswt

Jen L on 1/28/04 at 17:00 (143110)

Based on the knowledge that Dr.W does not use Ossatron, so it's assumed that she got treatment from him with Dornier.