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shoes for PF?

Posted by Lisa S. on 1/27/04 at 18:31 (142985)

I need new shoes and wonder which would be best. I wear orthotics, have flat and slightly wide feet in addition to having PF in one foot. I spoke to the New Balance folks, but am still a bit bewildered by all their models. When I'm not resting my foot because of the PF(just recumbent bike and rowing) I do a lot of walking. Obviously, I'm not walking now and haven't been for about 5 months now, but hope to get back to it someday. I don't know if I want a crosstrainer, runner, or walker. Any thoughts?

Re: shoes for PF?

justin on 1/27/04 at 21:19 (143003)

I use Brooks and they work very well for my PF.

Re: shoes for PF?

Julie on 1/28/04 at 02:06 (143017)

Lisa, you could have a look at my chosen shoes, North Face Targas. If you have a wide foot and wear orthotics, as I do, you need a wide, high toebox, as I do, and the Targas are perfect for that combination of factors. I also have slightly flat feet, like you. And I am also a walker, and the Targas are the ideal walking shoe: they have a thick sole and good, deep tread.

I didn't discover them until after my PF was gone, but I wish I had. Since I started wearing them (and I have worn nothing else except my Birk Arizonas indoors) I have been able to do all the walking I want to do, including hill walking over very rough, stony ground, and I have never had any trouble. They're great for city pavements too. When I slip my feet into my shoes, they feel safe, protected, and at home. They are the only shoes I have ever had in which I feel completely comfortable.

New Balance shoes are reputed to be excellent, but my only experience with them has been to buy a pair of 853s which I have never been able to wear because the toe box is too low and too narrow. I know there are many other styles, and you might find one that suits your foot.

I made this post, although I am not a shoe expert (Carole has that honour and I'm sure she will respond) because you seem to have a similar foot to mine. Whatever shoe you choose, just keep in mind that with your foot type, and with orthotics, you need a generous toe box.

Re: shoes for PF?

Suzanne D. on 1/28/04 at 14:50 (143076)

Lisa, I'll bet if you post this same question on the Inserts / Orthotics / Shoes board on this site you'll get more answers (although you have two good answers already!).

If you have a store nearby which carries SAS shoes, you might give them a try. The lace-up shoes (Free Time for women) have a wide toebox and when the removeable insole is out, plenty of room for orthotics).

Best wishes!
Suzanne :)