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type of doctor

Posted by stacey on 1/29/04 at 19:28 (143209)

my mom is seeing a new neurologist who thinks she might have TTS, she is running a few blood tests. What is the right type of doctor to see for this? and is there any type of doctor who specializes in TTS? thanks in advance

Re: type of doctor

SteveG on 1/29/04 at 19:34 (143210)

Stacey - If he does conclude it is TTS, I would recommend a podiatrist or an othopedic doctor that specialized in the foot and ankle.

Re: type of doctor

lara on 1/30/04 at 07:34 (143225)

I agree wtih Steve, and would go a step further. Even foot and ankle guys don't always know TTS (so I discovered). If you are in a big enough area, try to find a podiatrist or orthopedic surgeon (dealing with ankle/foot) that deals with sports injuries. I haven't found a difference between podiatrist/ortho - I've seen 3 of each and some of them knew what to do, and some didn't recognize TTS - from each discipline.

Re: type of doctor

Lari S. on 1/30/04 at 14:47 (143265)

I agree with Steve and Lara. Make sure the Dr. is very familiar with TTS. Have you looked at the 'Rate your Dr' area on this site? You may be able to find one that has gotten good ratings in your area. It would be worth a look.