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incision troubles

Posted by Terri on 1/29/04 at 20:42 (143216)

Has anyone else had trouble with their incision not healing properly? My dr. did warn me it might separate, could even pop open as much as 3 months after the surgery due to the thin skin and the location. I had my check-up today and sure enough, it's separated. He's leaving the last 2 stitches in for another 2 weeks at least and has prescribed a special salve normally used on the sores he treats for diabetic patients. In the meantime, he wants me to go ahead with the p.t. which starts next Weds. Again, he stated there is a chance it could pop open, and if it does, call him asap, of course. My surgery was done on Jan. 2nd.

I'm really concerned about this. Any suggestions? He did tell me to quit smoking as it reduces the amount of oxygen which can contribute to poor healing. I'm gonna try, but can anyone suggest some additional things to try/add? I already take B6, B12 and 1000mg of E daily.

Re: incision troubles

chris on 1/30/04 at 08:00 (143227)

I really have no suggestions about your incision, but I did want to comment on the smoking. I was told to quit 2 weeks prior to surgery because of healing issues associatedd with smoking.

Re: incision troubles

Janel K on 1/30/04 at 09:12 (143231)

I had TT surgery again in July and the incision never closed, in Novemeber I had to have it surgically closed by a plastic surgeon. Now today I noticed redness and tenderness, I feel a dip under my skin on the incision, I think it opened up under my skin. I don't smoke and never did and am otherwise healthy, they told me its a real hard place to heal with all the movement and I had scar tissue from my first surgery. Its been a long 6 months and isn't over.

Re: incision troubles

Lari S. on 1/30/04 at 14:38 (143264)

I had TTS on Oct. 3rd, and am a type 1 diabetic. My incision got infected twice, even though I was on antibiotics, it was completely wrapped and sealed off, and my blood suger levels were great (5.2 A1C). The incision split open twice tearing out the stitches, and was eventually 8cm long and 2cm wide with 2 large pockets over 1 cm deep. It would not heal, and kept getting worse. I was on 2 different salves for 3 months, and I am now on a KCI wound vaccum pump that is working wonders. I went on it Jan 14, and the incision is almost completely filled in with 4 cm completely sealed and the other 4 cm less than .5 cm wide. It is a pain being on the thing 24/7, but a miracle how fast the viable tissue is growing and mending together. It's not an options for everyone, but I was fortunate that my insurance is covering 100% of the surgery, PT, wound care, the pump and orthotics.

Re: incision troubles

Terri on 1/31/04 at 09:31 (143310)

I too was warned it's a hard area to heal. I must say though that just 2 days of using the new salve has worked wonders already! Alot of the swelling and redness around the incision has gone down and I can actually see where one large area has come together. My incision is about 4 1/2 inches long and the worst area is the middle 2 1/2 inches. The ends have completely closed and it's now starting to close towards the middle. I only hope it continues.

I'm now putting full weight on it as long as I wear the boot. I've taken a few steps without the boot and not much pain involved, but I'm paranoid about doing that too long. I don't want to bend the ankle just yet until it heals more.

Thanks for the feedback!

Re: incision troubles

Lari S. on 1/31/04 at 12:39 (143325)

I'm glad to hear that things are starting to look up for you. Just take it slow and easy.

Re: incision troubles

wendyn on 1/31/04 at 18:41 (143348)

Terri, not smoking (as hard as it is) is really important if you're recoving from foot surgery. Your foot is the slowest healing part of your body as it is, and your healing will be slower from smoking.

As a former smoker (quit 8 and a half years ago) - I can appreciate how hard it is!!!

Re: incision troubles

lauriel on 2/02/04 at 17:15 (143494)

I am sorry to hear about all of your problems with our incisions. i had TTS surgery a year ago december. Mine healed very nicely, even after I had my stitches out a week later I slipped on my crutches and the bottom part mildy opened up, but did heal good. I did do PT and says it xtremenly critical not ot let scar tissue build up. I do have a thicker scar area where it opened up, so please be cautous because they say this is one of TTS surgery failures is scar tissue building up pressing on the nerve again.