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Plaster Cast for TTS?

Posted by Debbie G. on 1/30/04 at 17:47 (143277)

Has anyone heard of putting a plaster cast on for 3-4 weeks to treat TTS instead of surgery? My daughter's podiatrist suggested to try this since she is trying to avoid surgery. He said that he has had some success using this ti calm the nerve and give it a rest. she used an air cast previously, but continued to walk on it. Any ideas? Debbie G.

Re: Plaster Cast for TTS?

bluestella on 1/30/04 at 23:20 (143299)

Hi debbie!! Yes i have been in a plaster cast for wayyy too long ! I have been before i had my surgery in may. And then after surgery i went back into a cast because of my swelling. It didnt help much before surgery and of course after cause it just flammed back up. I know it is a hard decision but nothing was working for me. I still can not walk that much and have major pain. I can not get treatment! I wish ur daughter a lot of luck this is a very challenging thing. I have tried to get over it for a year now. I am still using a walker and wheelchair. But i say try it! Just incase it might work for her!