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fracture right oscalsis

Posted by barb w on 1/31/04 at 12:02 (143322)

My husband fractured his foot in August and was treated with an air cast
for 3 months partial time of no weight bearing and later w/weight bearing after this x-rays showed non union situation.Now he is being treated with a bone stimulator since November and will be x-rayed again in February to see if there is any improvement or possible bone graph to be performed,
we would like to know what will be involved with a bone graph of the oscalsis bone. if this procedure is necessary i.e. will be there be no weight bearing,recovery period estimate can other problems be expected.

Re: fracture right oscalsis

Dr. Z on 2/01/04 at 11:55 (143374)

This can be a very complex fracture. Not knowing the type and position of the fractures makes an opinion very hard. That being stated. Non weight bearing could be 12 weeks or more. A bone graph can be from the hip and or a human cadaver specimen. Complications and future disability depend upon the extend of the fracture and the any adjacent joint damage.
You need to discuss this with your foot surgeon. He knows the type of positoin of the heel fracture